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Welcome to the History and Genealogy of the Manitoba Letain Family

This website is dedicated to the Manitoba Letains- more specifically to Pierre Ignace Letain and his descendants. Though there is greater emphasis on the Jean Ernest Letain line, since the author of this website is a descendant of and has accumulated more information on that line, by no means have the other descendants of Pierre Ignace and Jeanne Marie Rampelle been left out. Likewise this website is not only about the Manitoba Letains but also the other Letain branches which have descended from the Chassepierre area of Belgium. This includes not only the large branch descended from Louis Letain, who are presently mainly centered in Alberta around the Edmonton area, and to a lesser extent in British Columbia, but also descendants of some branches still living in Europe, mainly in Belgium and France. As a matter of fact if you belong to any of those other families, you are encouraged to contribute to the website by submitting information as well as pictures (Jpeg), then if important enough, will be added to this website. If you prefer you may create your own special website and am willing to assist you in that area, where I can, if you so desire.

The Letain Family originated from Chassepierre (Laiche) in the province of Luxembourg in Belgium.

Click here for Picture Identification of the Letain reunion, which took place in Laurier, Manitoba in the year 1998

Pierre Ignace Letain