Auto Install for Mandrakelinux
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This option is only to be used in conjunction with 'compssUsersChoice'. It allows you to install packages based on their relative importance and has the following is its general form:

'compssListLevel' => 5,



the desired rating value can be one of:

5 - Must Have

4 - Important

3 - Very nice

2 - Nice

1 - Maybe

Mandrake has taken most of the installable packages (*.rpms found in Mandrake/RPMS ...) and categorized them, hierarchically, into Groups (eg. Office, KDE) and then refined it a bit further into sub-groups (packages which should only be installed if the corresponding tag has been selected) and then finally applied a numerical rating (1 through 5) to each package. If you look in the file Mandrake/base/rpmsrate, you can see the group/sub-group tags, followed by the rating levels and each package assigned to that level.

When you use 'compssListLevel', DrakX will install every package which has a rating greater than or equal ( '>=' ) to the value you specify with this option, regardless of the group or sub-group they have been listed in.

Since the Mandrakelinux distribution comes on a varying number of CD's, you may find packages listed which are not found on the ones that you downloaded or bought - not to worry, DrakX knows this and will only attempt to install packages that you actually have.


See the section 'compssUsersChoice' for examples. Using this option without 'compssUsersChoice' will not produce the result that older versions (earlier than 8.1) did.

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