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This website id dedicated to the Manitoba Desjardins. That is the branch of Dejardins of the Roy dit Desjardins line who moved to St. Pierre Manitoba in 1890. More specifically to Pierre Roy dit Desjardins and his descendants. Though there is special emphasis on Arthur Desjardins, since the author of this website is a descendant of that spcecific family and has accumulated more inormation on that branch, by no means have the other descendatns of Pierre Roy dit Desjardins and Luce Robitaille been left out. As a matter of fact if you belong to anyone of these other families, you are encouraged to contribute to the website by submitting information as well as pictures (Jpeg), then if important enough will be added. If you prefer you may create your own special website and am willing to assist you in that area if you desire.The Desjardins Family originated from Kamouraska in Quebec. The first to move to Manitoba was Pierre Roy dit Desjardins who was married to Luce Robitaille.


Pierre Roy dit Desjardins