Charlotte Georgiana Fulcher and George Ashton

Charlotte, known as Georgie, was born in Yaxley, Suffolk on 27 November 1870. She came from a family of farmers but was not well suited to the rural lifestyle. George Ashton was a former postal employee who was heading to South America to seek his fortune. Georgie saw marriage to George as an opportunity to leave Suffolk and embark on a more exciting life.

George Ashton was born in Charmouth, Dorset on 2 August 1863. He was the eldest son of John Ashton and Kezia Kenway. He married Harriet Elizabeth Stevens and had one son, John S. Ashton. Following the death of his first wife, George obtained a position with the Central and South American Cable Company and travelled to Lima, Peru with his son.

Georgie travelled to Ecuador and married George Ashton at the British Consulate in November 1895. Georgiana and George had four sons and one daughter. The family briefly returned to England in 1904 before settling in Lima, Peru. The children attended school in Lima but returned to England to complete their education at Dover College, near Kent.

According to their youngest son, their family life was not very happy. Georgiana and George had little to do with each other and even less to do with their children. Georgiana kept very busy with an active social life.

George later took a position as manager of Milne, Williamson & Co. and became increasingly prosperous through the coffee trade and in petroleum prospecting on the Santa Elena Peninsula in Ecuador. He became the first manager of the Anglo-Ecuadorian Commercial Society Ltd. established in Guayaquil in 1917.

In 1922, George Ashton committed suicide in Peru. He left very little money and Georgiana was forced to return to England. She lived with her son, Fred, in a succession of private hotels in Kensington and then in a small flat in West Bolton Gardens. She depended on her sons in South America for support.

Georgiana continued to live with her son Fred until her death in the late 1930's. By this time, Fred was enjoying a successful career as a dancer and choreographer. They moved to a house at 24 Wharton Street near Sadler's Wells. Georgiana died in this house shortly before the Second World War.

Edward Anthony Fulcher: born in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1898. He married Esther Perou Schmidt in La Paz, Bolivia. Edward invested in the mining business and later served as HM Consul General in La Paz, Bolivia. His descendants remain in Bolivia.

George Alexander Hawkes: born in Guayaquil in 1900. He remained in Ecuador and became the Vice Consul in Guayaquil.

Charles Henry Kenway: born in Guayaquil in 1902. Charles settled in Quito and invested in the South American silver trade. He married Maria Saenz.

Frederick William Mallandaine: born in Guayaquil, Ecuador on 17 September 1904. Fred enjoyed a very successful career as a choreographer and director of the Royal Ballet. He died in Sussex on 18 August 1988.

Edith: born in Guayaquil in 1911. She returned to England with her mother following her father's death. Edith married Trevor Richards in 1932. They divorced and Edith married Douglas Russell-Roberts and lastly Harold Grenfell.