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Tennis no Oujisama (Ohjisama) is a shonen (written with male audience in mind) manga by Konomi
Takeshi which probably has more female fans than male do to his rather delicious (and over abundance
of) male characters, especially the main 9 Seigaku Tennis Club players. Unique and intriguing
personalities accompany their looks along with ever evolving relationships among the characters make
this series such a hit (extremely hot in Japan and no slouch in other parts of the world either ^^). Oh, right...
there's a lot of tennis content too. The setting is a junior high tennis club whose goal is to get to (& win) the
Nationals (Japan). The story is focussed on Echizen Ryoma, a 4 time junior champ in the USA
who has returned to Japan with his family to enter first year at Seishun Gakuen school and moreover
to join it's well known tennis club (Seigaku). Owing to an incredible amount of skill he becomes
the first first year member to become a regular (one of 8 that compete in the tournamanents). Then
the battle (win all the tournaments) to get to their goal begins....


Prince of Tennis manga is serialized in the weekly Shounen Jump (Japan issue, NOT the US one).
The tankobon are released by Jump Comics (Shueisha) which is currently at volume 42 (=END).
VIZ Communications is owned by Shueisha (& Shogakukan) so the English version of the manga is logically
being put out by VIZ.

The anime started airing Oct 2001 on TV Tokyo on Wednesday nights at 7pm. March 30, 2005 marks the end of the current anime with episodes 177
& 178 (gotta have hope there'll be another one or OVA at least once the Nationals are done!!). Anime was done by Production I.G. and NAS.
Anime followed the manga closely although with differences (generally small but over the past year the variances have gotten bigger
(primarily since the anime had gone beyond where the manga was at): Tezuka going to Germany for rehab in anime vs Kyuushyuu for one,
entire match against Johsei, entire Senbatsu arc.) Digisub is being excellently done by Anime Otaku fangroup.
Weekly radio show is continuing!! And still more CDs and merchandise scheduled for release.... and an OVA series starting March 24, 2006
(info initially was in Weekly Jump issue 39.).
Boy I hope the OVA series is about 100 episodes long. ^^; Nope, only 7 episodes volumes
(= 13 episodes) (ending in 2007). How the heck can do the WHOLE Nationals tournament in 13 TV sized only episodes?!! -_____-

And the answer is they can't! Initial news was in Shonen Jump and then the official page was updated March 5, 2007: 2nd OVA series starts June 22
which will be the National Championship Semi-Finals (and this instantly means there will be a 3rd OVA series for the Finals).

NEW PofT Manga to start in April issue (March 4, 2009 on sale) of Jump Square !!!! Here we go again ^^;
And you thought the OVAs were done? Haaha! New one (Another Story) started in May (2009)!
Shin Prince of Tennis OVA (if not a series) will be done one of these days. Seems inevitable ^^
Well for now we get Another Story II OVA (2 volumes, out in the Fall 2011) and a movie.

Aug 22, 2011: Inevitable time is here! Promotional poster (for the new movie, Shin POT manga 6 and Pair Puri 9)
also includes notice that Shin POT anime will be coming. But no date. Yet.
Thinking the anime will be kinda short (<26 episodes) with only ~55 short chapters so far as source material. :[

Sept 3, 2011: Shinpuri anime will start in January 2012 (Konomi said so at movie opening event).
Jan 4, 2012 it started. Only 13 episodes aired on TV and then there's DVD/Blu-ray only episodes being done.

Sept 21, 2013: Shinpuri anime will continue as an OVA series (DVD/Blu-ray only) in 2014: New Prince of Tennis OVA vs Genius 10
Dec 23, offiicial JP site has a 1:11 clip up now but still no other details/info.
Oct 29, 2014 the first volume of the OVA will come out. Volumes will come out every 2 months (Vol5 due out June 26, 2015).

Odds 'n Ends:

Have some Tennipri items for sale here shitajiki here cards here
Shitajiki & lami card scans

DVD 45 cover art / mini poster inside ... interesting hand placements :)

News Tidbits

List of DVD releases from 2005 onwards and other older news
Japanese site with Tenipuri news

Nov 30, 2016: Fuji mini album, " Dear My Songs ", 6 tracks, 2290Yen+tax

Dec 14, 2016: 3 CDs, (1800Yen+tax each) with 10 songs on each. Songs will be determined by voting at the TenpriFest 2016 site.
One CD will be for Duets, one for Units, and one CD for solo songs. CD title for each starts out as Tenipri Song 1/800 songs ~ Only One of
Happyakubun (means what? oO) plus an additional subtitle for each. Song list for each of these 3 CDs (Japanese).

Jan 25, 2017: Valentine Kiss CDS by U-17 member, Ochi Tsukimitsu with U-17 as his chorus. 777Yen+tax

March 1, 2017: Tezuka and Fuji duet CD (9 years since 1st one came out): " Tatoeba Ima. . . ", 6 tracks, 1345Yen+tax
March 3, 2017: Shin POT manga 20

April 21, 2017: Tenipri Fest 2016 release on Blu-ray (9800Yen) and DVD (8800Yen) with the first pressing having lots of extras:
Extra disc, Making disc, booklet, special kind of case.
April 26, 2017: Oishi's song Koikaze (from 2007 album) getting released as a newly arranged version. Took first place for solo songs
in the Tenipri Song 1/800 song ranking. CDS, " Koikaze 2017 Version " 741Yen+tax

2017?? Oct 16, 2016: At Tenpri Fest, Konomi announced there will be a movie for POT (no date) that will cover the 3 month gap
between end of Nationals and the start of the Shin POT manga. Neither manga covers this 3 month time period. So the movie will
feature bunch of "untold stories". Konomi is an executive producer on the film. ANN, CR

Characters / Seiyuu HERE

Music HERE


Probably easier to list what HASN'T been made. ^^ CDs, DVDs, video games, shitajiki, stationery,
calendars, lami, posters, jerseys & other apparel, pins, mascot straps, clocks, doujinshi, plush UFO
dolls, metal tins, letter sets, candy, postcards, keyholders, drinking glasses & LOTS of trading cards ...

Most interesting items are the hardest to get since tend to be the game prize centre only goods (can
only get by winning from machine in arcade (usually) in Japan) such as the Banpresto made plushies,
Tomy keychains, and Jump Fest (& Animate Fair) event only items.

Most goods that can buy at Animate (Japan) are made by MOVIC or animetopia.

Konami makes all the cards plus some lami card sets: gaming cards, trading cards, bromides, smash
hit cards, seal X seals.

CDs are made by NEC and distributed by King Records.
Ryoma's seiyuu radio shows compiled onto 2 different discs (CD-ROM)

R2 only DVDs came out one volume a month for the TV series. 4 episodes a disc, 3800Yen (great price by Japanese
DVD standards). First pressings come with a set of 3 still photos from the anime. Discs look like
tennis balls. ^_^ Released by Bandai Visual. Also been a special episode on Shonen Jump zenen
(mail in) DVD (spring 2003).

Have some Tennipri items for sale here shitajiki here cards here
Shitajiki & lami card scans

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Tennis no Oujisama belongs to Konomi Takeshi, Shueisha, TV Tokyo, NAS & Production I.G.