Detective Conan Premise: " Conan Edogawa looks like an ordinary elementary school student,
but he is actually Shinichi Kudo, a high school student who's also a detective.
Poisoned by a mysterious crime organization, Shinichi's body consequently shrank
to the size of an elementary school student.
Now he must hide his identity by calling himself Conan Edogawa.
He lives with his childhood friend, Ran Mori. "

(text from mini notebook, MOVIC, 1202EV2-A)

WHF (World Hobby Fair) 2002 Gosho Aoyama mini signature card

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Animedia 1602 (Jan 10) celebrating 20th year of the anime.
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Upcoming/Recent Detective Conan Episodes on TV (in Japan):

July 9, 2016: Ep824: AO: Shounen Tanteitan no Amayadori = " Detective Boys Taking Shelter from the Rain "
July 16, 2016: Ep825: AO: Shioiri Kouen Gyakuten Jiken = " Turnaround in the Tidal Park Case "
July 23, 2016: Ep826: AO: Bijyo to Uso to Himitsu =  " A Beautiful Woman and a Lie and a Secret "
July 30, 2016: Ep827: M88F2-M88F4: Part 1: Shine Hodo Umai Raamen 2 = " Ramen So Good, It's to Die for 2 "

Aug 6, 2016: Ep828: M88F2-M88F4: Part 2: Ep644-645 covered the first instance of this ramen title
Aug 13, 2016: Ep829: AO: Fushigi Shounen = " Mysterious Boy "   
Aug 20, 2016: Digital remaster: Ep100: M18F3-M18F5: Part 1: Hatsukoi no Hito Omoide Jiken = " Memories of First Love Case "
Aug 27, 2016: Digital remaster: Ep101: M18F3-M18F5: Part 2: Older girl fallen for Shinichi (in middle school) but he just liked her lemon pies

Sept 3, 2016: Ep830: M88F5-M88F9: Part 1: = Zonbi ga Kakomu Bessou = " Villa Surrounded by Zombies "
Sept 10, 2016: Ep831: M88F5-M88F9: Part 2: Heiji and Kazuha and the gang have to battle some zombies :)
Sept 17, 2016: Ep832: M88F5-M88F9: Part 3: Should be 3 parts for this story... hai!
Sept 24, 2016: Ep833: AO: Meitantei ni Jyakuten Ari = " Shortcoming of Being a Great Detective " Referring to Conan or Mori or?

My scan (getting tired of seeing it used on other fansites with no acknowledgement... ah the joys of the Internet)

Information Tidbits:

For older information and a few scans, go here

Jan 9, 2016: New ED except it's not new. La Pompon is covering Zard's (OP) Unmei no Ruuretto Mawashite.
Jan 9, 2016: New OP starts: Hane (Feather) by Inaba Koshi (singer of B'z)
Jan 9, 2016: Ep804 : AO: Part 1 (1st bullet of 20 for the 20th anniversary celebration): Conan to Ebizou: Kabuki Jyuu-hachi Ban Misuterii
Jan 16, 2016: Ep805: AO: Part 2: = " Conan and Ebizo 18 Celebrated Kabuki Plays Mystery " Famous Kabuki actor, Ebizou Ichikawa
plays himself and he has a deduction showdown with Conan. 1 hr for each part.
Jan 22, 2016: DVD Part 24 Vol1, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2172 (Eps 740-741, 742, 743) 
Jan 27, 2016: Novelization of the 2 hour special episode for the 20th anniversary of the anime (Ebizou Ichikawa), 734Yen
Jan- Feb (various dates, 2016): WHF (some new Conan goods always get at WHF)
Feb 26, 2016: DVD Part 24 Vol2, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2173 (Eps 744-745, 746-747)

Mar 23, 2016: Conan DVD Collection Mooks Vol1 and 2: 1058Yen+ tax each: 12 volume collection as a guide to the DVD releases
of the 20 years of the anime. Story guide, seiyuu interviews, some new anime artwork... AND a dvd. Yet Amazon description only says 42 pages,
no disc. Conan covered in book 1, DVD has Eps 11,22,23,43. Takayama Minami interview includes as well as a special message from Aoyama.
Ran for Vol2, DVD has Eps 10,343,344,400, 474. Has an interview with her seiyuu.

Can pre-order on amaimi. Their description says if get Vol1&2 there's 2 special illustrations which will combine into one larger picture.

Mar 25, 2016: DVD Part 24 Vol3, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2174 (Eps 748-749, 750, 753)
Mar 25, 2016: Treasured Selections, "Kurozukume no Soshiki to FBI", Vol 12 (ONXD4015, BD): Episodes 427-428, 429-430

April 13, 2016: 20th movie original soundtrack CD, 3086Yen
April 13, 2016: 20 Years Cinema Guide Book: 244 pages covering Movies 10-19 (first book years ago did 1-9), 2700Y
April 13, 2016: Conan DVD Collection Mook Vol3: Black Org covered: 1058Yen+ tax
April 15, 2016: Manga 89
April 16, 2016: ED51, Futari no Byoushin (A Couple's Second Hand (of a clock) (Our Second Hand?)) starts
April 16, 2016: 20th movie: " The Darkest Nightmare " Black Org focussed film! Includes Rum!
April 22, 2016: DVD Part 24 Vol4, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2175 (Eps 751-752, 757-758)
April 22, 2016: Treasured Selections, "Kurozukume no Soshiki to FBI", Vol 13 (ONXD4016, BD): Episodes 462-465
April 22, 2016: Detective Conan Colour Illustration Book 1994-2015. Gosho's art. 3500Yen. Hope not much is a repeat from the book
from so many years ago.
April 27, 2016: Conan DVD Collection Mook Vol4: Haibara Ai covered: 1058Yen+ tax
April 29 - Nov 23: Newest Conan Mystery Tour happens in Oita Prefecture
April, 2016: Akai and Gin plush! Also a couple more Conan ones. 2700Yen each (26cm high)

May 4, 2016: CDS (1000Y) for new ED, "Futari no Byoushin"  by Takuto. Also CD+DVD, 1500Yen
May 11, 2016: Conan DVD Collection Mook Vol5: Akai Shuichi covered: 1058Yen+ tax
May 14, 2016: New OP = theme of 20th movie: Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru by B'z. The OP sequence is AMAZING!!!
May 25, 2016: Conan DVD Collection Mook Vol6: Mori Kogorou covered: 1058Yen+ tax
May 27, 2016: DVD Part 24 Vol5, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2176 (Eps 754-756, 767)
May 27, 2016: Treasured Selections, "Kurozukume no Soshiki to FBI", Vol 14 (ONXD4017, BD): Episodes 484-485, 491-492

June 8, 2016: Conan DVD Collection Mook Vol7: Kaitou Kid covered: 1058Yen+ tax
June 22, 2016: Conan DVD Collection Mook Vol8: Hattori Heiji covered: 1058Yen+ tax
June 24, 2016: Treasured Selections, "Kurozukume no Soshiki to FBI", Vol 15 (ONXD4018, BD): Episodes 493-496
June 24, 2016: DVD Part 24 Vol6, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2177 (Eps 759-760, 761-762)

July 13, 2016: Conan DVD Collection Mook Vol9: Sera Masumi covered: 1058Yen+ tax
July 22, 2016: Treasured Selections, "Kurozukume no Soshiki to FBI", Vol 16 (ONXD4019, BD): Episodes 497-500
July 22, 2016: DVD Part 24 Vol7, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2178 (Eps 765-766, 768, Mori special ep)
July 23, 2016: Conan DVD Collection Mook Vol10: Metropolitan Police Department covered: 1058Yen+ tax
July 30, 2016: New ED song by Kuraki Mai starts, " SAWAGE LIFE " (Not a typo, it is sawage = JP written in English, "make some noise/uproar")

Aug 10, 2016: Conan DVD Collection Mook Vol11: Shounen Tanteidan covered: 1058Yen+ tax
Aug 18, 2016: Manga 90
Aug 24, 2016: Conan DVD Collection Mook Vol12: Kudo Shinichi covered: 1058Yen+ tax
Aug 26, 2016: DVD Part 24 Vol8, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2179 (Eps 763-764, 769, 774)
Aug 26, 2016: Treasured Selections, "Kurozukume no Soshiki to FBI", Vol 17 (ONXD4020, BD): Episodes 501-504

Sept 23, 2016: DVD Part 24 Vol9, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2180 (Eps 770-771, 772-773)
Sept 23, 2016: Treasured Selections, "Kurozukume no Soshiki to FBI", Vol 18 (ONXD4021, BD): Episodes 507-511

Oct 5, 2016: DVD and Blu-ray of 20th movie (standard and limited editions) on SALE and rental (this is a first!)

April, 2017: Movie 21: Featuring Hattori Heiji!

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