Detective Conan Premise: " Conan Edogawa looks like an ordinary elementary school student,
but he is actually Shinichi Kudo, a high school student who's also a detective.
Poisoned by a mysterious crime organization, Shinichi's body consequently shrank
to the size of an elementary school student.
Now he must hide his identity by calling himself Conan Edogawa.
He lives with his childhood friend, Ran Mori. "

(text from mini notebook, MOVIC, 1202EV2-A)

WHF (World Hobby Fair) 2002 Gosho Aoyama mini signature card

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Animedia 1602 (Jan 10) celebrating 20th year of the anime.
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Upcoming/Recent Detective Conan Episodes on TV (in Japan):

Jan 7, 2017: Ep845: AO: Part 1: Zettaizetsumei Kurayami no Konan =
Jan 14, 2017: Ep846: AO: Part 2: = " Conan's Desperate Situation in the Dark " 
Jan 21, 2017: Digital remaster: Ep8: M4F1-M4F3: Bijutsukan Oonaa Satsujin Jiken = " Art Museum Owner Muder Case "
Jan 28, 2017: Ep847: M89F5-M89F7: Part 1: Chiba no UFO Nanji Ken = " Chiba's Difficult UFO Case "

Feb 4, 2017: Ep848: M89F5-M89F7: Part 2: Miike Naeko secretly gets Chiba to lose weight (and then gain it back again because
too many other officers thought he was hot ^^;)
Feb 11, 2017: Ep849: M89F8-M89F10: Part 1: Konintodoke no Pasuwaado = " The Password for the Marriage Registration "
Feb 18, 2017: Ep850: M89F8-M89F10: Part 2: Learn the importance of Haneda's envelope that Yumi wasn't supposed to open until he won his 7 titles
Feb 25, 2017: Digital remaster: Ep9: M6F9-M7F1: Tenkaichi Yomatsuri Satsujinjiken = " Tenkaichi Night Festival Murder Case "

March 4, 2017: Ep851: AO: Part 1: Koi no Jikoku Meguri Tsuaa (Beppu Hen) = " Go Around Hell Tour of Love "
March 11, 2017: Ep852: AO: Part 2: This year's Mystery Tour 2 parter. Love is in the air. Preview showed Takagi and Sato in wedding attire.
Ran at an onsen telling Conan to join her (won't happen ^^). A red eyed monster...
March 18, 2017: Ep853?
March 25, 2017: Ep854?

My scan (getting tired of seeing it used on other fansites with no acknowledgement... ah the joys of the Internet)

Information Tidbits:

For older information and a few scans, go here

Dec 9, 2016: Episode "ONE" Chiisakunatta Meitantei (Great Detective Who Shrank): 2 hr special: 20th Anniversary celebration:
Ep1 all over again with NEW, NOT EVEN IN THE MANGA content! See more of what happened in the lives of other characters
on the day Shinichi became Conan. Aoyama Gosho will be directly involved with this project. Sept 17 more info/promos start coming out.
Official (YTV) special site for this. Some info (English) from ANN. Dec 9 airdate confirmed and some other info about it in English: ANN

Cool! OP#1 was used with a great (new) sequence of Shinichi and Ran from youngest to current age. 1st teaser for 21st movie was also aired.

Dec 9, 2016: Novel for Episode ONE comes out, 702Yen
Dec 16, 2016: Manga 91
Dec 16, 2016: Romantic Selection Part 3 book (manga), 850Yen
Dec 16, 2016: Countdown to Heaven manga adaptation, Part 2 (Part 1 came out June 17), 463Yen
Dec 16, 2016: Novel for Conan and Ebizo: Kabuki Jyuu-hachi Mystery, 950Yen
Dec 17, 2016: New ED starts: YESTERDAY LOVE by Kuraki Mai
Dec 23, 2016: Blu-ray (4,536Yen) (no DVD?) for 2hr Special that is Episodes 804-805: Conan and Ebizo: Kabuki Jyuu-hachi Mystery
Dec 23, 2016: Limited time lower price (2160Yen) release DVDs: this round: Part 21 Vol8 (671-673,684); Part 22, Vol 6 (Eps 701-704)

Jan 7, 2016: New OP starts: Ikusen no Meikyuu de Ikusen no Nazowotoite by BREAKERZ
Jan 11, 2017: Kuraki Mai new ED and Conan 20 song compilation: "YESTERDAY LOVE" (DVD, Blu-ray, limited BR+DVD, but NO CD)
Jan 18, 2017: BREAKERZ new OP on sale: limited CD (with their other Conan songs) 1600Y, limited CD+DVD 1500Y, CDS 1000Yen
Jan 27, 2017: DVD Part 25 Vol1, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2182 (Eps 779-783)

Feb 24, 2017: 20 Year Anniversary Blue-ray box, 1997-2006. 4K Digital remaster of the movies. Extras like commentaries, a CD with
20 years of the themes... Movies 1-10. ONXD-2016,  37000Yen+tax
Feb 24, 2017: DVD Part 25 Vol2, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2183 (Eps 784,785-786,789)

March 22, 2017: CD with the 20 theme songs form the first 20 movies: Limited edition CD 4300Yen, regular version 3240Yen
March 24, 2017: 20 Year Anniversary Blue-ray box, 2007-2016. Movies: 11-20. Plenty of extras... ONXD-2017, 37000Yen+tax
March 24, 2017: DVD Part 25 Vol3, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2184 (Eps 787-788,790,791)
March X, 2017: Bromide Collection 4: 30 bromides (89mmX127mm) in set + mini clearfile: anime artwork: 2 bromides + mini clearfile
in each pack (15p/box). There's only ONE mini clearfile style though. 6300Y+tax/box.

April 12, 2017: Manga 92
April 12, 2017: Manga version of movie 7, first part, 463Yen+tax
April 12, 2017: 21st movie original soundtrack CD, 3086Yen+tax
April 15, 2017: Movie 21: Featuring Hattori Heiji!
Title is Kara Kurenai no Renka (Kanji reading is Raburetaa) = Crimson Love Letter. Set in Osaka. Some initial info in ANN article.
April 21, 2017: DVD Part 25 Vol4, 4200Yen+tax, ONBD-2185 (Eps 792-793,794,795)

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somewhere else. ; __ ; Anyone have good suggestion? Blog/journal type platforms will not work.

Want thorough information on Kaitou Kid or Hattori Heiji? Then Icka's! sites are a must.
Want a listing of all the case files mapped to the manga volumes and other manga info? The head over to EYC
If Japanese isn't an issue, then make sure to go to Shonen Sunday's and YTV's series pages.
Hey cool, there's an YTV English page (but not a whole lot on Conan).

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