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Des Martin's - The Classic TV Archive

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"tons of pics & info about your favourite "B" movie actors of the 50's and 60's"
: includes "Tarzan Pages" ; Sword & Sandal Pages ; and lots, lots more ......

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copied by many, but equaled, by none .........
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William's Great Site with pics and write-ups
about Scott's six Tarzan films.
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A lively discussion of the Tarzan movies and TV series,
the actors and actresses like
Gordon Scott, Johnny Weissmuller, Herman Brix, Jock Mahoney, Ron Ely,
Lex Barker, Maureen O'Sullivan, Eve Brent, Brenda Joyce, etc....
.. and their other roles.
Voice your opinion. Also anything pertaining to Edgar Rice Burroughs.
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Ed Stephan's wonderful & long standing Tarzan Site
Lots of Tarzan History, articles and great Links
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Dedicated to the B Western Cowboys and Cowgirls
of the 1930's and 1940's.
managed by Chuck Anderson
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This link will take you to Jock's guest appearances on "Batman"
and once you're there have a look around this great site,
managed by David W. Sutton 
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