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Environmental conservation and stewardship is For Kids!!... oh, and adults too!

The cool thing about volunteering in your local community on a trash clean-up project, a trail restoration project, or a habitat rehabilitation effort is that you have fun and LEARN stuff!! The natural world is a wonderful and amazing place full of animals and plants that do neat things. All these creatures, large and small, need a place (or habitat) to live. When we help to clean up and take better care of the wilderness, we are helping native plants and animals to thrive in their natural environment.

Go outside and look around at all the nature there is to see, touch, hear and smess.  Chances are you will have lots of questions.  Maybe you can find some of the answers on the websites listed below.  Get to know the nature in your neighborhood.

Click a link below, to visit the website!

          Nature Challenge for Kids                 Give Water a Hand                Eco Kids

          Environmental Kids Club                  The Green Group                   EELink

          Michigan DNR Kids                          Water Wonders Wisconsin       Teach Great Lakes

          EEK!  Environmental Education for Kids                    
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