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Welcome to the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy, established in 2004 as Lake Superior Conservancy and Watershed Council with a name change of Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy in 2010 by a group of dedicated volunteers committed to fulfilling the mission of Conservancy.  LSWC is an international non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the long-term sustainable health of the Lake Superior watershed.  Through basin-wide communication, education, scientific study, preservation and conservation activities, we are dedicated to protecting the natural legacy of the largest fresh water lake, by surface, in the world.

American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts is a U.S. charity created to facilitate the permanent protection of Canadian lands owned by conservation-minded Americans. Until very recently, Americans hoping to conserve properties they own in Canada were thwarted by tax barriers created by both U.S. and Canadian laws. Significant problems could arise if cross-border conservation gifts are not handled properly.

American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts (AF) is a U.S. based publically supported 501 ( c) 3 charity which allows U.S. taxpayers to benefit from tax incentives aimed at protecting environmentally significant land. The cross border program created by American Friends, has two key elements to it.  First, the U.S. taxpayer receives a charitable receipt which allows them to receive a U.S. tax deduction for the charitable gift. Secondly, based on AF's status as a 'prescribed donee' under the Canadian Income Tax Act, the Canadian capital gains tax is eliminated. Thus, two major impediments to donations to environmental preservation are eliminated when donors work through American Friends.

Watershed management and working closely with landowners to help ensure that scenic areas, wetlands, critical wildlife habitats and other significant natural areas are protected for now and future generations is essential for the future of the Lake.

Because LSWC is an international organization and its mission involves the whole Lake Superior basin, the organization is able to fill in where there are no Conservancies or watershed management organizations.

We invite you to contact LSWC to become involved in protecting this World Wonder.
The music video for Kid Rock's song Born Free has now been released, complete with stunning scenery from the Upper Peninsula's Pictured Rocks National Park near Munising. The Michigan rocker visited Miner's Beach on Lake Superior (Oct. 2010) to shoot the video.
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