Located here are various downloadable files that were not provided in any of the other sections of this webiste. Some of these downloadable files include scripts and various documents that I have created.

Maxscripts (R4 compatible)

Reset Xform Box Trick - A simple maxscript that automates the box trick process of resetting an objects transform after you have scaled it. Written by Logan Foster (added 06/06/2002)



Create a custom texture for your model using 3DS Max R3 or R4 and a plugin called Texporter - This tutorial will walk you through a very in-depth and versitile process in which you will unwrap your meshes UVW coordinates so that you can then use them as a template to draw upon to create your own unique texture that will fit your model perfectly. Written by Logan Foster and Joe Maruschak (added 06/06/2002)

Importing an Adobe Illustrator file into 3DS Max - A simple tutorial that explains how you can successfully import a vector based image from Adobe Illustrator and then use it in 3DS Max to turn it into a 3D image. Written by Logan Foster (added 06/06/2002)


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