Historic Bottles of Vancouver Island

Site includes a picture gallery of photographs of bottles produced for and used by Vancouver Island companies and entrepreneurs, followed by detailed descriptions and measurements for each type of bottle.  The site includes pottery and stoneware, seltzer and soda bottles, glass beer and ale bottles, chemist and medicinal and other related items.  Links at the bottom of page.




A picture gallery of pottery or stoneware for ginger beer, ale and soda bottles,  grocers, wine and spirits jugs.  Companies include: A. Astrico, Thos. Brooks, Crystal Spring Water Supply, Fairall's,  Fairall Bros., Kirk Soda Water Company, Kirk & Co. Ltd., Chris. Morley, A. Phillips, Thorpe's. Thorpe & Co., Victoria Brewery, Victoria Botanic,  Victoria Botanic Beverage Company, Old English Beverage and many more.

Each pottery bottle pictured has each variation documented with measurements, maker's name, and other details as available, as well as links to larger images on the Documentation and Detailed Description pages.  There is a full navigational toolbar at the bottom of each page to other picture galleries of Vancouver Island Bottles and detailed descriptions for Pottery bottles, Glass Soda and Pop bottles, Medicinal Bottles, Syphon and Seltzer Bottles, Glass Beer and Ale Bottles, and other items.  This site will be update as pictures and information become available, and photographs and information are always welcome.   Email us 

  Thorpe variatiations: Doulton pottery, Lambeth Pottery, Please Replace stopper on bottom, white hand

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Documentation and Detailed Descriptions:

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