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About Us  The Victoria Lily Society

L. Casablanca

The Victoria Lily Society has approximately 50 members with the majority of them residing in the Greater Victoria, BC region. A few are overseas residents. The Victoria Lily Society was formed in 1989 to bring together people with a common interest in the genus Lilium, who wanted to learn how to grow lilies in their gardens, or  had a passion for growing lilies either in their gardens, or as a specialty.  It is a nonprofit organization which promotes fellowship and sharing of interest in the genus lilium. Accordingly, the objectives of the society are:

  • To encourage interest in and the dissemination of information and knowledge about the genus lilium
  • To provide a medium through which all persons interested in the genus lilium may communicate
  • Cooperate with others of the like interest through educational and scientific studies, meetings, publications and similar activity.
  • To gather and issue by means of a bulletin, to all members, information compiled in the scientific studies of the genus lilium and allied botanical information
  • Issue special publications from time to time
  • Conduct scientific and educational activities
  • Supervise test gardens
  • Enter into joint undertakings with other botanical and horticultural groups
  • To carry on the activity usually associated with any Lily Society.
  • To affiliate with any other society or body of cognate or allied interests for the enhancement of the objectives above described.

The society is affiliated with the North American Lily Society.

Meetings: The society meets on the second Wednesday of every month from March through November at The Salvation Army Victoria Citadel, 4030 Douglas St, Victoria, BC at 7:30 pm (unless otherwise announced). All visitors are welcome.


Brenda Sopow
(250) 386-1604

Vice Chair
Norma Buckley
(250) 477-2570

Alison Farquhar
(250) 721-3881

John Gordon
(250) 477-4695

Jill Britton
(250) 652-5316

Sharon Flucker

Linda Miller

Show Chair
Bryce Fradley
(250) 294-4402

Members at Large
Mary Lou Bannister
Wanita Bickford
Shirley Cooke
Beth Ruskowski
Colin Tamboline
Lea Van Stolk

The Victoria Lily Society is a nonprofit organization for
promoting and sharing experiences of lily cultivation.


Membership is through a subscription of $15.00 (Cdn).
Subscription dues may be paid by cheque to:
Victoria Lily Society
c/o Sandra Allin
612 Dallas Rd
Victoria, BC V8V 1B5