Liann's Picnic Dress

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I used this pattern for the skirt.

I used three layers of gold chiffon for the skirt. The top two layers I machine embriodered with green vining using the botton hole stitch on the sewing machine. I did it in a criss cross pattern. The underneath layer I left plain. For the waist band I made a long sleeve and inserted elastic through it then gathered the skirt on the elastic.

For the sequins I used small pearlescent circles. I cut out the four corners of the sequins to make them look like four petaled flowers. I sewed them all over the sleeves and only around the top of the blouse, I didn't cover the whole body of the blouse because you can't see it with the corset over top. For the ribbons on the sleeves I used three metres of pale green, yellow, and pink. The ribbon is roughly 1 inch in width

I used this pattern for the blouse

I had to modify the pattern. I made the blouse strait across the top instead of in V shaped. I made the sleeves as wide as the piece of paper the sleeve pattern was printed on. For the body of the blouse I used two layers of gold chiffon. I embroidered the top layer of the chiffon with green vining using the botton hole stitch on the sewing machine. For the sleeves I used three layers of chiffon, embroidering the top layer with vining in a criss cross pattern. I placed two sets of elastic on the sleeves. I just held the sleeve up to my arm and guessed where the best spots to put them would be. The cuff of the sleeve is gathered then edged in the chiffon. I used the same sequins for the blouse as I did for the skirt.

I am currently working on my second version of the corset and am using this pattern.

The corset has four layers, the top lay is gold crinkle fabric, beneath that is gold satin, then a layer of crinela, and then the inside is lined with satin. I eliminated the centre seam to create a smooth surface for doing the embroidery on. I currently have the top three layers sewn together and am working on the embroidery. Embroider is nearly down, just need to outline the flames and add the gold swirlies

For the cape I've just got some new fabric, a curtain panel from Walmart, which has clusters of three roses and vining on it. Its the closest thing to the original I've seen, the colours on the roses look perfect.

I am also re-making my headband with more accurate ribbon. For the hair buns I used gold embroidery thread and crocheted them myself. I used curly dolls hair to fill them. I did not attack the buns to the headband. I used a lot of barrettes to secure them in place.


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