GPS Cemetery Locations - Egypt

The following GPS locations are based on CWGC cemetery location advice, and can be found through the freely available use of Google Earth's website,  if you wish to review a location,  please copy the emboldened decimal equivalents of the Lat. and Long.  shown into Google Earth's website search window and press the enter button. Please e-mail Peter Marsden at,   if you find improvements can be made to the locations shown below.


Fayid War Cemetery

Lat. 30  18'  22.63'' North        Long. 32   19'  41.45'' East  EL. 33 ft.        30.30628611, 32.32818056










Port Said War Memorial

Lat. 31  16'  26.69'' North        Long. 32  16'  35.42'' East   EL. 23 ft.  31.27408056, 32.27650556





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