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My Restoration of a Meyers Manx

This was originally my dad's Dune Buggy. He built it in 1967/1968 from a 1960 Canadian Standard Bug that was rolled over (he didn't roll it) and purchased from a junk yard. The body kit was ordered from California and shipped all the way up to St. Paul, Alberta. As far as he remembers it was $600 US (about 400 CDN at the time) for the complete kit. And yes it is a Real Meyers Manx, from an early production run (after the original 12 monocoque bodies), this is one that uses the shortened Bug floor pan, and it predates the body serial numbers. I have also had it verified by Bruce Meyers.

I got it the summer of 2003 and did very little work. Just enough to verify the engine would run and wasn't seized. Then I was too busy and broke to do anything in 2004. But in 2005 I finally had the time and some money to work on it. My dad and I spent most of our spare time in the the garage all spring and summer long and got it on the road just in time for the end of summer.

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