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Dorothy Harrison Wilma Harrison Nellie Harrison John William Spicer William Edward Spicer Bertha Spicer John William Spicer Jennie Spicer Martha Ann (Carson) Spicer Emma Jane (Harvey) Spicer Arnett Home, Indianna Willis Arnett Minerva (Dorman) Arnett harrison genealogy
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Mary Caroline Spicer genealogy
Margaret Harrison Betty Harrison genealogy
Elizabeth Spicer Harriet Spicer Marjorie Lillian Spicer genealogy
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Welcome to my genealogy homepage.

My family tree spans 43 generations and goes back to 1020. I've traced my ancestors from here in Vancouver to Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden, Holland, England and France. I started working on my family history in early 1997 and since then I have made contact with over 30 distant relatives that have helped me build my family tree to over 5,000 individuals. This site is my effort to share that information with other genealogists, and potential distant cousins, as well as make available my research for my immediate family. I hope you find something useful.

For a look at a pedigree chart of all my direct ancestors go to my "Pedigree Chart". Clicking on any one of the names will bring up the person's family group sheet listing parents and children. If you want more details or if you have more details on these other lines please send me an

Use the "Surname Pages" menu above to check out specific information on the ARNETT, CARSON, CRUMLEY, HARRISON, HARVEY, HEACOCK, HENSEL, MORGAN, SPICER and WOODRUFF surnames. These pages contain information that I've received or dug-up including wills, letters, pictures, minutes, articles, strays and links to other related sites and homepages. I will be adding information as I come across it...time willing.

If you haven't visited in a while check out the "What's New" page to find out the latest updates.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about my site, my genealogy, broken link or anything else... please feel free to send me an Happy hunting.

                                                                                -Larry Arnett


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