Lapides Software Development Inc. is primarily focused on the creation of customized applications. The applications that we design, develop and maintain are always built with customer's needs in mind.

Our major expertise is in the area of database applications and business analysis. We have many years of experience as Data Base Administrators (DBA), data architects, data warehouse designers, developers.

We are very experienced in the full software development cycle and we can develop your app from scratch to production, or to troubleshoot and maintain your existing code.

We are fluent in various environments (various flavors of UNIX, Windows), languages (C/C++, Java, C#, .NET, VB, PowerBuilder), RDBMS (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, mySQL, etc.), web technologies (CGI, HTML, scripting, applets, PERL, PHP, JavaScript, etc.) and client-server solutions. We listen carefully and understand your business requirements first. During this phase of business analysis we thoroughly investigate the options and develop the solution in those environments and languages that suit your business the best.

Quite often it is forgotten that a good system is based on a balanced approach between business analysis, building a maintainable and scalable data model, setting and administering the database properly, utilizing all its capabilities, and writing efficient and maintainable code. We have been behind both sides of the fence, so it became natural for us to take advantage of our experience in all the areas of database development. As a result, we deliver to you, our client, robust efficient code, always on schedule and within budget, always according to your specs. You get what you want and what you expect, and you save money.