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Present: Professor Emeritus, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Vancouver Island University

1969 - 2000 Instructor, Counsellor, Chairman, Coordinator, Director

1966 - 1969 Assistant Professor of English

Southwestern Oregon Community college
Coos Bay, Oregon

1964 - 1966 Graduate Student

University of California
Santa Barbara, California

1962 - 1964 Personnel Supervisor

The Boeing Company
Seattle, Washington

1961 - 1962 Truck dispatcher and Labor Foreman

The Haskell Company
Santa Barbara, California

1957 - 1961 University Student

1953 - 1957 Grunt - Sgt. United States Marine Corps, Korean veteran


·        Awarded Professor Emeritus status 2015 – Philosophy and Religious Studies department at VIU.

·        Recipient of the 2008 Outstanding Service Award from VIU.



 PUBLICATIONS in recent years:


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Public Lectures:

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1997 "Matthew's Jesus - and Moses" public lecture.

1998  Nursing a Healthy Skepticism invited speaker for health care symposium, Nanaimo.

1998 "Metaphors be with you . . . comments on Matthew and Revelation" public lecture.

1999 "Civil Liberties and the Mental Health Act" invited speaker Port Alberni mental health association.

2000 "Religious Naturalism" a sermon for the Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo.

2001 "Descartes' Dream" invited speaker for the Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo.

2001 "Fact and Fiction" the Spanish Civil War and For Whom the Bell Tolls.

2001 "Descartes' Dream: Mind, matter, and mathematics" lecture for Liberal Studies at Malaspina U-C.

2001 "Euthanasia: religion, law, morality" invited speaker for the Bowen Park seniors.

2002 "What can philosophy do, for Heaven's sake?" sermon for the Unitarians of Nanaimo.

2003 “What Matters?” lecture for the philosophy club.

2004 “Good, God, and Nietzsche” lecture for the philosophy club.

2005 “Big Bro' is watching! Philosophers' Café.

2006  Episyllogism - a philosopher's Blog

2007 Billy - short story

2010 Insects & Robots - quirky radio show.

2012 Tell Me a Story - sermon for the Unitarians of Nanaimo.

2014 Camus Lecture for IPP

2015 Book of Job – seminars for the Clemente class.






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