Welcome to the Lawn of the Dead. We are a yard haunt located in the City of St. Albert, Alberta. Some of you will recall our haunt as The Coroner Store. However, the ice and snow we've had to deal with on Halloween night the first few years led us to change our name to Slippy Hollow. In 2004, we opted to call our haunt "Lawn of the Dead".


November '06 UPDATE:

Well another Halloween come and gone. While we had a lot of fun, weather was again a factor for us as we had about a foot of snow fall a few days before Halloween and had extremely cold temperatures to contend with. It cut the number of trick-or-treaters from approx 150 in 2005 to less than 40. We have some of our pics posted on the Lawn of the Dead 2006 page. Enjoy!

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