Bow Bow over the Rainbow Bridge
Our Too
June 16, 2004

To All Bows Friends

It is with great sorrow that I tell you all, that Bow our Cockatoo has passed away, She had a heart attack this morning. It was very sudden and with no real warnings,

Cheree and I are really heart broken
She was a real love of a Cockatoo,
She lived a Life of 28 years
We now know she has passed over the Rainbow bridge and is happily soaring high in Heaven. She will be greatly missed

May God Bless You All
Cyril, Cheree
Cyril and Cheree , Mandy and Bow Bow
Cyril Cheree and Our Birds

Welcome to our web site devoted to our birds

We are in Victoria BC, Canada.  We started back in 2001 and got a cockatiel who we called Mandy. She is a very cute Latino and was a great way to get into birds

This Easter of 2003 we were lucky enough to find a beautiful Eleanora Cockatoo. Her owner could no longer take of her, due to developing allergies.  Cheree and I decided to add Bow Bow to our family.

Back in the 1980's, I had a Moluccan Cockatoo called Peaches. She was a great bird, but due to a unfortunate accident, is no longer with us.

After 17 years we now have a new "Too."  We are Bow Bow's  third owners and she is now a very mature 27 years old, having been hatched back in 1977.

Her first name was originally FRED, after the Cockatoo on the TV show Baretta which was a hit back when she was young. For the last 20 years, she has been called
Bow Bow.

Bow has been a bit of a feather plucker but now she seems to have stopped, She is on medication and has grown most of her feathers back as you can see from the photos.

Bow Bow loves to cuddle and to say "HELLO" all the time.
Cheree has taught Bow to say "Pretty Bird" as well as "Hello Bow Bow"

She bonded extremely well with her new Mom and Dad, Cheree and Cyril.

"Bow is now no longer with us as she passed away in my arms on June 16 2004. We only had the love and joy of her presence for 14 Months . But we loved each other dearly, She was my constant Companion." Her Dad Cyril

If you would like to say hi or have any comments drop us an  emailWe would love to hear from other Cockatoo owners.


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