Descent: Creations


Descent and Runebound: Midnight are both excellent games that belong to
Fantasy Flight Games.Without these games, this site would not exist. 


All images are copyright of Fantasy Flight Games


Descent: The Order of Kellos

The Order: Characters

The Order: Feats

The Order: Items

The Order: Skills

Quest 1: Against Darkness

Quest 2: Curse of the Runes

Quest 3: Mired Down

Quest 4: The Seed of Corruption

Quest 5: Web of Athlas

Quest 6: The Keeper


Descent: Midnight

Midnight Characters

Midnight Creatures: Greens

Midnight Creatures: Yellows

Midnight Creatures: Blues

Midnight Creatures: Reds

Midnight Items: Armor

Midnight Items: Others

Midnight Items: Weapons

Midnight Overlords: The Night Kings

Midnight Stronghold


Descent: Miscellanea





Descent: Links

Descent in the Dark

Paul Grogan's RuneStone Games

Severus Ape's Player Aids




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