Manitoba Naturists Association

The Manitoba Naturists Association is an ad-hoc group that has recently formed to respond to the threats against traditional clothing-optional use at Beaconia Beach on Lake Winnipeg.

Naturists have been enjoying the sun on a remote area at the extreme south end of Beaconia Beach for over thirty years with a minimum of hassles. In recent months a small group of area residents has been attempting to close the historically clothing optional area to all nude use.

Good News

The folks who had been threatening our peace at Beconia appear to have given up. Take a look at this article from the Winnipeg Sun.
Reports from beachgoers during July and August seem to confirm this.
Of course this dosen't mean that they won't be causing trouble in the future, but we can do a few things to prevent future friction.
Take a look at the "C-O Beach Ettiquette" page below. Keeping to the established area and being good "beach citizens" will go a long way to not providing "them" with ammunition, if they decide to cause trouble in the future.

For further background, please read some of the newspaper articles, editorials, and letters to the editor from various area newspapers.

At the October 13, 1998 meeting of the RM of St. Clements council, we were one of three groups who made presentations to the council supporting the continued clothing-optional use of the historically clothing optional area of Beaconia Beach. Here is a copy of our brief to the council.

The Naturist Action Committee has provided us with a list of some areas where signed Clothing Optional areas provide a solution to possible beach user conflicts.

For those unfamillair with the ettiquette of a clothing optional beach, here is a handout used sucessfuly on many beaches. As you can see most of it is common sense.

Also, please take a look at the Help Save Beconia Beach webpage

Or Harvey's Patricia and Beaconia Beaches page

For those interested, directions to Beaconia Beach are available from the Federation of Canadian Naturists website or Bill Arnett's Canadian clothing-optional opportunities page page

If you are interested in helping us preserve our traditional clothing optional beach, please contact Ivan and let him know how you would be willing to help.

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