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After visiting the Winnipeg Kite Festival in 2001 and 2002 and thoroughly enjoying the visual spectacle, I finally took the plunge and purchased a few "serious" kites.  Thanks to those fliers that let me try out their kites and got me hooked!  I was shocked at the $80 to $400 price tags for the various two line kites I flew, but you really do get what you pay for.   Like many people I wasted my money and time by buying some $15 single line and $40 stunt kites.

The Parastunter was my first, followed a few weeks later by the Trick & Track Sport.   I much preferred the soft foil for their indestructibility and quick setup/takedown.   To follow up on the soft foil theme I then bought a Winddance3.   I flew this kite for over 250 hours in the next 10 months - winter included!   It is by far my favourite two line kite and can snap 150lb. Spectra in a 35 km/hr wind.

In May 2002 I made my first kite.   I chose the Freedom 2000 four line stunt kite.    It is a blast to fly and super controllable.   It expects a lot of experience on the part of the pilot.

A fellow by the name of Bill Painter from Phoenix U.S.A. visited my website and left me a mail commenting on my two line handle design.  He told me that he was heavily into making NASA Parawing eNPW5 kites.   It was mere hours later that I was hooked into making my first traction kite.    Click on the links at top left to see pictures of the kites that I have personally built.

                                                                       Tom White