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G A M M A   7:  T H E   M I S S I L E   S I L O

R E L O C A T E   T H E   B A S E
NEXUS has Laser Satellites online and is using them to destroy your original base. Get all your units south of the LZ, or they'll be destroyed, too. The Laser Satellites will begin destroying structures in the northern part of the map and gradually move south to the LZ. With luck, you had enough time to begin to relocate your base during the last part of the previous mission. The valley northeast of Gamma Base is a great site. You need another Factory, a Repair Facility, and several Rearming Pads. While your northern structures are still functioning, use them to produce units rapidly. Send the new units south and form them into combat groups. As you get your new base up and running, send a combat group south of the new base. The NEXUS Towers there will cause your base some problems. Take them out and return damaged units for repairs.

A D V A N C E   T O   T H E   S I L O S
For this phase, you'll need three combat groups and a VTOL group of at least 10 units each. Send the ground units towards the east. The missile silos lie in the southeast, but you must advance along the eastern map edge to get there. Avoid the northwest. NEXUS has another base there, but you needn't destroy it.

As soon as you locate enemy SAM sites, attack them with the VTOLs. When the area is clear, use the VTOLs to help take out defensive structures along your route of advance. Both VTOLs and ground units will take heavy casualties, so keep your Factories producing full-time. As your ground units advance, keep them close together. When you encounter enemy defenses, concentrate their fire to destroy the structure before advancing farther. As your combat groups become depleted, organize the survivors into a single group and form new groups from repaired and newly produced units. You must keep exerting pressure on the enemy. Halting your advance gives NEXUS time to repair and build more units.

The enemy SAMs wreak havoc on your VTOLs, but try to knock them all out. Then use the VTOLs to enter the enemy base and take out all the Factories. The sooner you do this, the fewer enemy units you'll have to face. Continue pushing south. Once you reach the missile silos and destroy the nearby enemy structures, the mission ends.

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