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B E T A   5:   D E S T R O Y   E N E M Y   A I R B A S E

Although your orders are to attack, your first priority is to defend your base against enemy counterattacks. If you have not done so already, it's a good idea to construct a second base north of your original one. Build a Factory and Repair Facility there, as well as several defensive structures.

The main enemy attacks will come from the area west of your forward base (Base 2). However, your main base (Base 1) will be attacked as well from the northwest. Secure the ridge line between the base and this area with heavy units and defensive structures. From this area, stage your attack against the outpost on the other side of the ridge. By taking out the Cyborg Factory here, you'll decrease the attacks against your bases. However, don't send units up onto the plateau or you'll trigger a secondary objective. Postpone this action as long as possible. It's discussed later in this section.

T O   T H E   A I R B A S E
The airbase is defended by a large number of Towers, bunkers, and other structures. The first line of defenses is located near the ravine. Use a combination of Mortars and Bunker Busters to reduce the structures while heavy combat units provide cover for the bombarding and attacking groups. During the attack, enemy Mortar Pits and Howitzer emplacements will fire on your units. Take out the Sensor Towers to keep their attacks to a minimum. After eliminating the first line, hit the second line of defenses that surround the airbase. Attack from the south, near the enemy Oil Rig. Be sure to bring along a group of AA units for fighting the Collective's VTOLs. Once the defensive perimeter is destroyed, rush your units into the base. Concentrate your fire on the VTOL Pads first. When you destroy them, the VTOLs can't rearm and attack your units, so they become mere targets for your AA units.

In the airbase and the surrounding area, you'll find some important Artifacts. One is VTOL Technology and the other is Howitzers. Howitzers act like Mortars, but they cause twice as much damage per round. Assign them to a Sensor unit for targeting. VTOL propulsion gives you a major breakthrough. You can build flying units and quickly strike at the enemy. Before continuing your attack on the Collective in this area, and before heading any further south, build at least one VTOL Factory and a dozen VTOL Rearming Pads. Manufacture two types of VTOLs: those armed with Cluster Bombs and the others with Phosphor Bombs. The first ordnance is great for attacking installations such as Factories and Power Generators, while the other is better at taking out bunkers and hardpoints. Assign each type to their own group.

After attacking the airbase, your forces are probably depleted. While getting your air power in operation, replace your losses and repair damaged units. Also build a Oil Rig by the enemy airbase and another Power Generator at Base 2.

T H E   F I N A L   P U S H
Send a group to the area southwest of the first Cyborg outpost. You'll receive a secondary objective to destroy or drive off the enemy's transports. The Collective is taking hostages with them as they leave this area. You must advance to the area west of Base 1 and take control of their LZ. The area is well defended by units and defensive structures. Use your new VTOLs to take out the latter, as well as Factories and other installations. You have to reach the LZ before the enemy transports arrive. If you take three heavy combat groups, you should have little trouble during the attack, especially if the VTOLs have softened up the targets for you. Once the LZ is under your control, finish eliminating the Collective from the area. Don't forget to build Oil Rigs at all their old Power Sources. With all of these power sources under your control, you can manufacture several units at once without running out of power.

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