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A L P H A   3:  T H E   P O W E R    M O D U L E    A R T I F A C T

M O R E   P O W E R
This mission is actually broken down into two parts. For the first half, research the Power Module. However, before using a truck to upgrade your Power Generator, make sure all other research has been completed. Go to the Design menu and select the MG Viper. Change the weapon to the Twin MG. Then order the Factory to begin producing as many as it can. You'll be using the new and upgraded MG Viper, so gather all your old MG Vipers and recycle them. This will give your new MG Vipers the experience of the old and the firepower of the new. After you have at least 10 new MG Vipers produced, send a truck to upgrade the Power Generator.

N E W   O R D E R S
The second half of the mission is quite easy. You also have a time limit. You must complete the mission within 15 minutes. Load 10 of the MG Vipers with the Twin MGs aboard the transport. When all are ready, give the transport the order to take off. It takes you to a new map and deploys your units at an LZ in the southwest. Divide your force into two groups. Group 1, with six Vipers, heads north to recover the Artifact while Group 2 stays back to defend the LZ.

Group 1 runs into some Scavengers along the way. However, you don't need to order it to target individual units. Just keep it rolling and it'll automatically dispose of all enemies it comes across. The Artifact is located at the north end of the canyon and is defended by a single Flame Tower. Target the Tower and then grab the Artifact. Quickly select the Research menu and start working on the Heavy MG. You now receive orders to head to the LZ. While you can rush back, there is really no need to hurry. You should have plenty of time on the clock. Group 2 will have no problem holding the LZ against other Scavenger attackers. When all of your units are back at the LZ, the mission ends.

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