February 2009 I am currently revising my arcade machine and will be moving my arcade machine website to a new location. The new site is located here: http://sites.google.com/site/kumbach/arcade-machine. Hope to see you there...

1980 Defender
Arcade Machine

Did you hang out in arcades in the 80's? Do the names Defender, Frogger, Galaga or Pac Man ring a bell? If so, then this web site is for you!

Through the magic of something called "arcade emulation", your PC can bring these classic games back to life by tricking them into believing they are running in their original cabinets.

Plus, to bring back the "feel" of these games, you can even build yourself a full sized arcade machine that plays hundreds of classic arcade games for a real blast to the past!

Have I gotten your interest yet? If so, then read on, you're goona love this.

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My Custom Built
Arcade Machine

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