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The First World War Project

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War, Kerry Anderson has decided to attempt to design games on each of the significant British battles on the Western Front (that have not been adequately covered).

The latest instalment is a reprint of Clash of Empires, the Battle for France 1914.

The Battle of Armageddon

I have asked that The Battle of Armageddon be removed from the GMT P500 system. This was my personal decision based on its performance over the last few months of pre-orders. While I have no clear plans for what to do with the design at present, what is clear is that it is not succeeding as a proposed title on P500.

While I continue to have confidence in the game and have witnessed its popularity over the last few years among players at the Consimworld/Expo in Tempe, getting the larger market to respond has been a challenge. Certainly, the topic is tricky, but I do not see that as the issue. Instead, I suspect it is their main clientele are historically-inclined wargamers and The Battle of Armageddon does not fit.

I will be posting developments on the Microgame Design Group webpage. I welcome people to join in any further discussion on The Battle of Armageddon folder on Consimworld.


On November 1, 2004, the Microgame Design Group (MDG) closed its doors after publishing 41 game titles.

And now, the MDG is back with a vengence!

New games and and updated versions of older titles are now available.

Gone are the days of desktop publishing (DTP) efforts; instead, games come with mounted, die-cut counters, larger playing areas (in 11x17 sections), and players' aids printed on cardstock.

Current Designs

  • Cambrai, 1917 The First Blitzkrieg: The Dawn of Mechanized Warfare (David Isby)
  • Clash of Empries: The Battle for France 1914 (Kerry Anderson)
  • Clavius: The First Lunar War (Kerry Anderson)
  • Cuban Missile Crisis: The Threshold of Nuclear War (Kerry Anderson)

  • MacArthur's War: The Korean War and Beyond (Kerry Anderson)
  • Smokejumpers: Wildland Fire Fighting (Kerry Anderson)
  • The Battle of Armageddon: Apocalyptic Warfare in the End Times (Kerry Anderson)
  • The Scheldt Campaign: Canada at War (Brian Train)
  • Ypres 1914: The First Battle of Ypres (Kerry Anderson)
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