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 Vancouver ComicCon
Sunday Nov. 4
11 AM to 5 PM
Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street (Main & 15th Ave.), Vancouver, BC.


By Jonathan Maberry

ZOMBIE CSU includes over 250 interviews with real-world experts in LAW ENFORCEMENT, FORENSIC SCIENCE, MEDICINE, THE LAW, PSYCHOLOGY, THE MILITARY and PHILOSOPHY to present the first ever look at how our real world would react, research and respond to a zombie uprising. Also packed full of illustrations.

Vampire Universe

The first volume of Citadel Book’s four-volume comprehensive guide to the things that go bump in the night. Packed full of Illustrations, some even by me.

The Eternal Savage

This great novel is back in print and now available at the Wildside Press website as well as the usual book store outlets. E.R. Burroughs, creator of Tarzan, is one of the greatest adventure writers of all time. Buy your copy today.

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Trilogy of Terror Double-Size Special

The NEW PRINTING is here! Do you miss the good old days when the comic racks were full of great Horror magazines, well so do we. That's why we're offering up Trilogy of Terror! This first double-size issue has six old school fright yarns that will be sure to transport you back to those lazy summer days of yesterday and maybe even give you a little chill along the way.

Available NOW!


Jungle Tales Vol. 1 Featuring KI-GOR!

New from Airship 27 Productions. Three brand new adventure yarns of Ki-Gor and his lovely, red headed mate, Helene, as they travel into the mysterious, uncharted jungles of Africa. Penned by Aaron Smith, Duane Spurlock and Peter Miller, here are a trio of fast paced tales that have the Jungle Lord discovering a hidden village of Vikings, crossing paths with dinosaurs in a lost valley and battling cannibals to save the life of a benevolent jungle princess. This is the pulse-pounding action and thrill-a-minute adventure fans have come to expect from the classic jungle pulps. --- Featuring a stunning cover by painter Bryan Fowler with magnificent interior illustrations by Kelly Everaert, JUNGLE TALES Vol One kicks off another new series pulp fans are sure to approve of.

Available NOW!


Tales of the Bagman

Crime Busting Has A New Face!

Old Chicago has a new hero, the Bagman. Created by writer B.C. Bell, the Bagman is former gangster Frank McCullough who goes straight and becomes a crime buster to protect the good people of the Windy City. These stories mix fast paced action and humor in the finest pulp tradition.

Featuring a cover by Laura Givens and designed by Rob Davis with editing by Ron Fortier. Plus nine black and white illustrations by Kelly Everaert.

Available NOW from Airship 27 Prod.!


Dan Fowler G-Man

He Hunts America's Most Wanted!

If you're looking for two-fisted, gun-blasting pulp action (and I know you are) plunk your dollars down for DAN FOWLER G-MAN Vol One. Four new knock'em down pulp yarns featuring Fowler, fellow agents Larry Kendall and the gorgeous, Sally Vane. Follow them into The Dungeon of Death by Gregory Bastianelli, the Harvest of Crime by B.C.Bell, The Music of Murder by Aaron Smith and Andrew Salmon's Dan Fowler and the League of Dead Patriots. Each story is a hard hitting action adventure tale set in the thrill packed days of yesteryear, each a genuine gem of purple prose you will not want to miss.

Featuring twelve black and white illustrations by Kelly Everaert, a cover by Robert Brown and designed by Rob Davis with editing by Ron Fortier. Get your Tommy guns loaded, gas up the Studebaker and prepare yourself for a wild reading experience as Dan Fowler G-Man is once again on the hunt!

Available NOW from Airship 27 Prod.!


Jungle Tales Promo Book

Do you remember the good old days when Jungle Comics littered the racks! Okay I don't either, it was way before my time too. But I do love those golden age goodies. Jungle Tales is a homage those bye gone days of jungle good girls. This promo book is a 24 page sampling of a larger anthology comic in the works. It has the complete 21 page story of the title character, Leanna.

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