Business interests of Keith Cowan (or Faye Cardenas)

Keith is a consultant in the Information Technology sector. He has extensive experience in entrepreneurial activities as well as management consulting for change and business improvement. He has held several executive management positions including CEO for two technology services companies. Here is his CV. and here is his contact information in virtual card (Vcard) format. Click here for a recent photo of Keith.

Here are three businesses that Keith started:

Yorktown Technologies Inc. 

Yorktown is a high technology solutions company with its main focus on developing reusable system components that can be deployed cost-effectively to produce business breakthroughs. Most recently, YTI has launched an application service that does custom supply chain solutions to enable breakthrough competitive advantage for medium-sized companies.

Yorktown Application Systems

YAS supplies business systems incorporating YTI's proprietary components on an outsourced basis, using Enterprise solutions from IBM and running in a high availability server farm environment. This application service offers a custom supply chain system that has enabled two small enterprises to grow into viable medium-sized enterprises. Keith remains an owner and member of the Board of Directors.

eXcape developed several offerings in the wireless point-of-sale market that expand the use of credit and debit cards to taxi and limousine fleets, as well as mobile office businesses. Customers can accept plastic at reduced costs to what the banks charge them. They also have an extensive corporate accounts program that enables small businesses to run "private label" credit cards and business on account. This is an extremely high growth segment and is almost unpenetrated. With its sharp focus on the vehicle fleet business, the company has been shifting its identity to fleetx. . The business operations have been acquired by Tangerine Concepts Corp and they continue to supply the products through the fleetx brand name.

Other interests:

Keith is also a Director of  Burrard Technology Corporation, a company that expands the use of self-serve payments in the hospitality sector. Their premier product line of Q-Buster(r) products features the TicketWIZ dispensers for eliminating cash in the hospitality segment by issuing tickets and charging purchases to credit cards:

Keith has been acting as a business change consultant since 1992. Much of his work is highlighted in his White Papers. Keith is currently a Private Portfolio Manager and has been very successful in leveraging his business knowledge into selecting high growth companies for investment. As an example, here is his reference to leveraged real estate investing is here on this site. And in anticipating the amazing effects of the emerging US Housing Bubble back in 2003. In his semi-retirement, Keith has developed position papers on a number of issues. For example, he also did an indepth study of the health care issues even before Sicko was released and Clinton resurrected it as an election issue. He considered this issue when evaluating the US as a destination for snowbird escape from Canadian winters. He also uncovered some unfavourable tax implications for extended stays by snowbirds in the US and documented it here. He has acquired a TDSP and did a piece on it as well, concluding that it is an alternative for estate planning when the principal residence in not owned outright. He has studied the Canadian Income Trust fiasco at length, and has used the Red Flag Report to help navigate the rough waters in recent years.

He also subscribes to the Early to rise daily letter and John Mauldin's weekly newsletter. The best resource he has discovered is the Financial Wisdom Forum, an outstanding resource for Canadian DIY investors. He is a shareholder in the operation and a member of their Board. Another great place to visit for early retirees seeking advice is this Early Retirement Forum.

He has taken a position against TV Preview as a consumer ripoff. And he created a retrospective on Technology too. And in his mountain hiking pursuits, he has plotted out and named The Park Royal Village Trail, one of his favourites.

He has also developed an active interest in digital photography and has extensive displays of his works on the web.

There is is also a perspective on the Alaska Cruise ship business operating out of Vancouver, and a photo retrospective on The Beatles. If you are planning a cruise anywhere in the world, be sure to check out keith's tips on cruising that he created prior to taking a Mediterrannean cruise.

Faye's Business:

Milagrow is in the technology recruitment business, discovering that "needle in a haystack" prospective IT employee that is ideal for any business.

Have a look at more about Milagrow.

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