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Kathleen and fellow writer at the romance writer's valentine's luncheon

Valentine's Tea awaits Kathleen and her girlfriends

From a reader - here's Jackie enjoying one of Kathleen's books

Happy Halloween from Kathleen and the hot firemen.

Kathleen and friends take time out for fog-shrouded lunch at a mountain top resort.

Spring Letter

Kathleen Lawless:
Erotic romance for readers who want *MORE*

Kathleen Lawless

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Kathleen Lawless' previous erotic romances:

XXX Marks the Spot

Wicked Night Games

A Hard Man to Love





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Grace's Folly
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 The Wild Rose Press

Anora's Pride
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 The Wild Rose Press

Callie's Honor
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 The Wild Rose Press

Deliver Me
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 The Wild Rose Press

Order Online in Print or Digital Download

Order Online in Print or Digital Download

The sensual, seductive novels of Kathleen Lawless are erotically charged adventures sure to leave you satisfied...  and reviewers can't get enough either!

  • "This book has it all - romance, action, mystery and solid characters and plot. I enjoyed this western romance and look forward to reading more by Kathleen Lawless."
    - Romancing the Book

    "Toe-curling kind of amazing. I liked it way too much.... from beginning to end. It was perfect!"
    - Shameless Romance Reviews.

     "THE SEX IS RIVETING...  The story is fresh... The dialogue is snappy and unique." 
    - Romance Junkies

    - The Best Reviews 
  • "HIGHLY ENTERTAINING...  Imagine Nancy Drew meets Sex and the City!" 
    - Roundtable Reviews.

  • "DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK... Lawless weaves romance, intrigue, and excitement into an impressive tapestry." 
    - Romance Reviews Today
  • "A highly erotic page-turner."  - Fallen Angel Reviews
  • "An amusing, spirited, adventurous tale." 
    - Romantic Times
  • "An engaging erotic romance." 
    -  Midwest Book Review


Books by Kathleen Lawless currently available from your favorite bookstore:

Deliver Me

XXX Marks the Spot

 Kathleen Lawless Wicked Night Games Romance Novel Cover
Wicked Night Games

 Kathleen Lawless A Hard Man to Love Romance Novel Cover
A Hard Man to Love

 Kathleen Lawless Untamed Romance Novel Cover

 Kathleen Lawless Unmasked Romance Novel Cover

 Kathleen Lawless Taboo Romance Novel Cover

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