27 October 2006


Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20554


Attention: Chairman Kevin J. MARTIN


RE: COMPLAINT—Amateur Radio Service

N1FM—Thomas A. WHATLEY and KZ8O—Michael GUERNSEY


Dear Chairman Martin:


My name is George J. ZARDECKI. I am a proud American of Polish extraction [I ‘voted with my feet’] and a radio-amateur call sign N9VTB living in Chicago, IL. But before going further, congratulations you on your appointment as Chair FCC.


This is an amateur radio related complaint against Tom A. WHATLEY N1FM [instructively the former N1SOB] and Michael GUERNSEY KZ8O [ex-ND8V]….


By way of background, my regular on-air correspondents and I usually operate in the vicinity of 14.273 MHz in the 20 m amateur band. Incidentally, 14.273 MHz is unofficially known/used as the international calling frequency for Polish-speakers. Unfortunately, in the past ~5 years a handful of American radio misfits/racists, chief among them Mike GUERNSEY KZ8O [the notorious ex-ND8V—look him up in your FCC files and/or on the Internet] and Brian L. CROW K3VR [who is Mike’s ‘control’] have continued an infamous ‘radio war’ on the nearby frequency of 14.275 MHz—a war which I/we did not start and in which we have little interest. Suffice it to say that Mike KZ8O, Brian K3VR and a small band of misfit followers have successfully chased most of the Polish-speakers off of 14.273 MHz and have recently repeatedly attacked me/my remaining correspondents….


Then, early this year, monitoring indicated that Mike and Brian had ‘imported’ their friend Tom N1FM from the 75 m band—where he also reportedly has a reputation as a ‘bully’ [check your FCC files]—with the purpose of intimidating Karol MADERA VE7KFM my main Canadian correspondent off-air….


For your information, among other things Karol VE7KFM is an Honours graduate of Canada’s equivalent of our West Point with all that implies, was trained as a Communications & Electronic Warfare Officer, was an ADC to two Generals, earned several diplomas and degrees including an advanced degree in Public Administration, was trained as a lawyer, speaks several languages, etc., etc….


Because Karol and I did not need/want additional on-air confrontations, we both explicitly agreed early on to avoid Tom N1FM if at all possible. This approach was ultimately not successful in that he has over the last nearly a year repeatedly gone out of his way to gratuitously, very aggressively and without provocation attack Karol—and lately Karol and me—in the 14.270-.275 MHz ‘window’. Each time first Karol and then the both of us unequivocally warned Tom N1FM not to interfere with our communications [a felony under any number of statutes, as you know] and/or “aid and abet” similar ~criminal acts perpetrated by his friends Mike and/or Brian and disordered supporters. These attacks nevertheless continued and continue with increasing frequency/intensity—hence this letter….


Enclosed is a CD of a recording I serendipitously found in the far recesses of the Internet…. The recording captures part of a radio conversation I had with Karol on the afternoon of Sat. 9 September 2006 on 14.273 MHz USB….


On the ~19 minute tape, which is otherwise disturbingly self-explanatory, you will hear:


·          Me N9VTB [I’m the one with the accent] talking with Karol VE7KFM

·          My friend Karol obviously talking with me in the normal course

·          Tom N1FM constantly maliciously interfering, gratuitously using obscenities [“mother fucker” (~7x), “asshole” (~9x), etc.], using ethnic slurs [“Fucking Polak”, etc.] several times, repeatedly threatening my FCC licence [!], threatening me and my wife generally, etc., etc.—all without any provocation whatsoever [note my on-air ‘demeanor’ throughout]

·          Mike ND8V/kz8o [he’s the one initially/repeatedly asking ‘Tom to meet him on 275’ and at the end making obscene comments towards/about my friend Karol and also engaging in obscene ethnic slurs (“Polak faggot”, etc.)] and

·          Other malicious jammers who did not identify, but many of whom are known to/in the group of which Tom and Mike ND8V/kz8o are a part….


I would like you/yours to carefully listen to the recording—apparently made by those adverse to my/our interest and—which I was obviously not meant to hear.


Then, I request that you/yours act in no uncertain fashion to teach the lesson to Tom N1FM, Mike ND8V/kz8o and Co. that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated on the radio amateur bands….


Thank you for your anticipated attention to and appropriate action on this matter.


Yours truly,




4845 N Moody

Chicago, IL  60630


N9VTB@Yahoo.com                                                          Telephone: (773) 594-9224




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