WHAT IS TO BE DONE—with apologies to the late Comrade Vladimir Ilich






12201 Longview Dr
Irwin, PA



Telephone:    (412) 965-0050 or

(412) 351-1589 or

(724) 864-0505 or otherwise find [and provide me with] her current telephone/cellular number


As one radio amateur to another or otherwise, tell Susannah about her husband’s serious mis-behaviour on amateur radio, the criminal telephone harassment, his stalking, the psychotic Internet activity and such generally—as well as his demonstrated homo-sexual fixation/tendencies in particular—and out of an abundance of caution, suggest that she get tested for STDs and HIV/Aids….



424 Main St.

Irwin, PA



Attention: Chief John KARASEK


Telephone:     (724) 864-3102 or

                             (724) 864-3103

FAX:                   (724) 863-4774


Say ‘Atta Boy’ to the Chief on account of his recent appointment [you can call him “my cousin”—his likely Polish/Czech heritage refers]…. Don’t forget to mention that there is much evidence to indicate that Brian is a serial Stalker, with all that implies for his bailiwick…. Also, ask him to review the complaint-desk notes made by his predecessor pro-tem, a Lieutenant Michael DAUGHERTY. This was further to my long-distance tele-conversation with Michael at (724) 863-8800 [try it, it was a direct line, which may still be in service] during the afternoon of 30 Jan ’06. Tell John that Michael, then Acting-Chief, was disingenuous with me…. If Michael’s note-keeping is lax [as I suspect it was/is], tell the Chief that my notes among other things state: “…one reason for my call is to ascertain if I’m dealing with a normal person or with someone who is unbalanced and if so, to assess the level of threat”….



2550 Mosside Boulevard Suite 212
Monroeville, PA



Telephone:    (412) 373-1519 [office]  or

(412) 965-2019 [office] [both ~always on answering machine] or

                             (412) 373-4319 [home] but unlike Brian’s “incitement to harass”, call during ~‘normal’ hours


Refer her to this Website [ask her to send me an e-mail] and your own observations of/experiences with Brian and enlighten Terry that her ‘mail-drop’ tenant, “patient” and/or helper—whatever her “relationship” with him may actually be—is a Cyberpath, very arguably a Sociopath and possibly even an outright Psychopath, with all that entails in her ‘delicate’ circumstances…. Inform her that Brian is a demonstrated serial Stalker [mention, among others his stalking Glenn BAXTER K1MAN for example—and yourself/your family especially, if such was/is also the case—N.B. Geo. & Mrs. ZARDECKI, Todd DAUGHERTY, David & Mrs. TOLASSI, Brandon DUKE, Ed & G-Ma OSWALD, Gordon BENJAMIN, Joe ITALIANO, Mark & Mrs. MORGAN, etc., etc.]; don’t forget to ask her for Brian and Susannah’s forwarding address and telephone number(s); and, suggest that she review her occupier and/or professional liability insurance, as a minimum….




Apparently Terry has NOT seen/spoken with Brian in years…. Throughout, she reportedly did NOT know that her office was being used as a forwarding address for FCC purposes or otherwise by Brian & Susannah CROW…. And, she does NOT seem to have his/her forwarding address or telephone number(s)….


More importantly for our purposes, Brian CROW K3VR renewed his licence [likely on-line] sometime before 12 Mar ‘07 and changed certain details of his required data—he superfluously added a supposed/honorific M.Ed. [why?] and falsely changed Monroeville, PA into Pittsburgh, PA [“falsely”, since Monroeville has to the best of my knowledge NOT been amalgamated into Pittsburgh]….

Irrespective, it’s either Monroeville or Pittsburgh, but probably not interchangeably both [this is deja vue—remember the Kalamazoo/Parchment ‘dog and pony show’ Mikee (then ND8V) played with Riley in 2002?]….

Most instructively, Brian left the 2550 Mosside Boulevard Suite 212 ‘mail drop’ address—

you know, the one where no one knows him, above—untouched….


Breaking News….


Immediately after the above News was published here, surprise, surprise, Brian K3VR and Susannah N3XBU reported in their ‘Bios’ on ‘QeerZ’ that the CROW family is suddenly migrating—out-of-season—and are fleeing [sic] without a fixed destination or address at that!

This supposedly/principally because they sold their “family business”—in the Fall ‘06 [what took you nearly a year to CROW about it, HI?]…. Also, what about the other lucrative businesses you repeatedly reported, Brian: IT with a “Head Office” using a c/o address in Fairfax, VA; “genius” psycho-babble ‘insultancy’ according to ‘Bi-Polar Boob’ W4ASX; mental-defective/addiction counseling with the Committee for Human in-Dignity (CHD), usually curiously associated with the Muslim Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh (MCCGP) in Moronville, PA; [fraudulent] NSA/CIA/FBI/DHS/FCC ‘snitch’/informant; professional “house-husband”; etc.—

in addition of course to Susannah’s ‘doggie’ “business”….

BTW Good choice on her boyish-looks—is that in part why her teeth protrude so? But I ‘doo digress’….

Irrespective, both have again notionally amended their FCC addresses, this time to Florida—wait for it—

within 2 miles of Tom N1FM/n1sob, Hector AD4C and (in)famous Dr. Leo W2TIA [reported SK]—combined!

I say “notionally”, above, because the FCC ULS data again shows a c/o “ATTN” in the address….


In reality of course, Brian continues to hide at his ‘secret jamming location’ in Irwin, PA…. Bravo Fucktards!


All of which is considered to be a continuing fraud on the FCC….


I hope you’re reading this, Riley and/or Kevin…OVER….


Late Breaking News….


Riley announces his retirement effective beginning of 2008.

Brian quickly takes credit for ‘knowing of this’ since mid-summer…. Yeah, right….


Late, Late Breaking News….


Riley, being the ‘Womin’ that he is, announces his “un-retirement” not a week later….

But, for some reason doesn’t beforehand inform Brian his ‘head’ snitch, or was that bitch…. Hilarious!!!




416 Forster St.
Harrisburg, PA  



Attention: Samuel J. KNAPP, Ed.D., Director of Professional Affairs


Telephone:    (717) 232-3817

FAX:                  (412) 232-7294


Inform the PPA generally and Dr. KNAPP in particular if Brian also represented himself to you—or others—as a psychologist or psychiatrist [he’s neither] and/or if Terry, above, does not return your calls….



2601 North Third Street,

P.O. Box 2649

Harrisburg, PA



Telephone:     (717) 783-7200

FAX:                   (717) 787-0251


Inform the Prosecution Division if Brian held himself out as a psychologist/psychiatrist and especially if he also did any “assessment” on you. And, be sure to have the Prosecuting Attorney add your name and particulars to his growing file [# available on request], as well as the “informational database”, that they have set up on Brian L. CROW, “…to determine if there is a pattern of problems with [this] individual…”.



This should keep you occupied for now/at least this week!


I’ll be busy generally researching, to use Brian’s exact words, his “com[ing] to grips with mental illness and addiction since 1981”, HI….


So many American mental-defectives…so much psychotic hyperbole from Brian…so little time….



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