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one 2 many - Life in a Shoe

In the Studio
one2many has finished recording the first six songs of their next CD. To listen or download the 6-pack, check out our Reverbnation site at:

"Victoria is the home of very two talented writers and musicians, David Jensen and Mark Reed. Together they are one2many and are currently finishing off their second CD."... "Their chemistry is growing stronger"... "The song Leave Me Alone has a tricky intro as the keyboard chords make you think the song is going to be a big fat sounding orchestrated tune. Then comes the 'walking descending bass riff" feel of the keyboard that gives the impression of a pianist at a sinister black and white movie house."..."Someone Out There starts off with an almost western feel with a harmonica but turns into a well written love ballad. Jensen through the years has mastered some great writing skills that one only gets with time on the road."... "Well done and we recommend you download this little diddy to your collection." Review by Bill Delingat, Cashbox Magazine Inc.

one 2 many - You Don't Know Me Available Now
one2many have released a CD entitled "You Don't Know Me". The album features tasteful songs, meaningful and thought provoking lyrics and a cool blend of keyboards, saxophone, guitars and percussion. From rock to easy listening to jazz, this CD crosses over to many different styles, maybe even one2many.

Who are We?
one2many is a group of professional musicians and songwriters. The current
members include founder, singer/songwriter Dave Jensen; keyboardist/songwriter Mark Reed.

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