Weather at Tinniswood Court, Upper Sahali
Kamloops, BC

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"Cumulus" Software Forecast:
Precipitation, very unsettled

Davis Weather Station Forecast:
Mostly cloudy with little temperature change. Precipitation likely. Windy with possible wind shift to the W, NW, or N.

Cloud Base Height (above station - 696 m):

Outdoor Temp:     | Trend:
     Change Rate:
Daily High: °C
Daily Low: °C
Heating Deg Days Today:
Cooling Deg Days Today:
Daily Low windchill: °C

Current Wind Speed:
  Direction:   ()  | 
10 Min. Ave. Wind:
  Direction:   ()  | 
10 Min Max:
Daily Max Winds:

Humidity:   | Change:
Daily High Humid: %
Daily Low Humid: %

Precip. in Past Hour:  |  Rate:
Precip. Today:
Precip. Yesterday:
Precip. Month:
*Note: 1mm of precip = approx 1cm of snow

Air Pressure:
Pressure:   | Trend:
Pressure change:  hpa/hr

Today's Daylength: 13:53
    There will be 3min 39s less daylight tomorrow
Moonrise: 00:26
Moonset: 15:52
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
Moon Percent: 27%

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