"Tempora Mutantur"

Giant Roach

(These are mutant times.)

The Crash destroyed civilization, and the world became the domain of savages and monsters. Competing forces battle for control of the shattered remains, using everything from strong fists and cold steel to the most advanced science of the Ancient world and mysterious new powers of the mind.

If your little band of adventurers can survive the toxic deserts and radioactive winds, you could find ruins from before the Crash, mutant cannibal tribes, homicidal robots, and nightmarish predators. If you can also find some relics - mighty weapons and tools of the Ancients - great power can be yours.

The Ground Zero RPG:

Ground Zero is a high-action d20 System RPG in a world devastated by global warfare and overrun by mutants. Ground Zero features weird powers, strange monsters, insane NPCs, and big guns. It's 'high flux', with the promise of great rewards and the constant threat of pointless demise.

Ground Zero is one part Gamma World, one part Fallout, with a dash of HackMaster thrown in for flavour. The rules are a mish-mash of d20 Modern, Dominic Covey's Darwin's World, and Jonathan Tweet's Omega World - plus stuff from various other games and my own homebrew rules.

Ground Zero was run as a PBeM that between 2003 and 2005. I've left the rules and adventure archives online as this website. After the online game finished, I ran a Play-by-Comment gameblog called 'Scorched Earth' from 2007 to 2009, and a Mutant Future version of 'Expedition to the Barrier Peaks' in 2008/09. In 2009 I ran a fantasy/post-apocalyptic campaign (called 'Tempora Mutantur'), and am now (as of 2011) playing a minimalist post-apocalyptic RPG also called 'Tempora Mutantur'.

If you're not familiar with RPGs, PBeMs, or the d20 system, then begin here:

Here is some background information for the Ground Zero game:

Finished games, former plans, and the archives of previous adventures are found on the campaign pages:

These campaign pages are the heart and soul of the Ground Zero site.

Character Creation:

To participate in Ground Zero, you will first need to create a character. Follow the steps listed below:

Making a Mutant. Character creation overview.

  1. Character Genotype.
  2. Character Background.
  3. Attributes.
  4. Mutations.
  5. Character Classes.
  6. Skills & Talents.
  7. Finishing Touches.

Advanced Rules:

I'm constantly adding to and tweaking the rules in Ground Zero. The basic rules are pretty much stabilized by now, but a lot of additional stuff is still in the works. Here's a list of what's been implemented so far:

The following rules are optional, and may not be allowed in all campaigns:

Here are a number of additional rules specifically for creating mutant PCs:

I'm really interested in player feedback on these rules. If you get a chance to look at them, please send your comments to k-slacker@shaw.ca.