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A major motivator for the xenophobic existence of many wasteland communities, diseases are a devastating danger of the Ground Zero world. Entire communities, once healty and promising, have been wiped out in less than a week's time by the arrival of a disease-carrying trader or scav at their gates. Contaminated water sold by merchants, animals carrying unseen viruses, or goods laden with infected vermin have more than once spelled the doom of some of the world's last vestiges of civilization.

Disease Effects:

Many of the diseases of the post-Crash world are the desendents of the same viruses and germs that effected Ancient man. These are identical to the sicknesses found in the d20 Modern sourcebook. Described here are a few of the mutant plagues and tailored bio-weapons which pose an even greater threat. In addition to any other effects, characters exposed to some diseases are likely to suffer from of Creep contamination. The required Fortitude save, the initial and secondary damage, and the amount of Creep for some diseases are summarized on the following table and described below:

Disease Effects

Disease Type Fort Save DC Incubation Period Damage Creep Count
Buzz, the: Contact 20 1d4 hours 1d4-2* Str 1
Cholera: Injested 13 1d3 days 1d2 Str and 1d2 Con 0
Hagshead Creep: Inhaled 16 2d6 hours 1d4-2* Con 1d4
Mutant Plague: Injury 12 1d4 days Special 0
Neo-Rabies: Injury 12 2d4 days 1d2 Con and 1d2 Int 0
Tuberculosis: Inhaled 12 1d2 months 1d4 Con 0
Zombie Plague: Injury 16 1 day Special 0

* Minimum damage is 0.
On a failed saving throw, 1 point is permanently drained.
On a failed saving throw, the character acquires the mutant template.
On a failed saving throw, the character is transformed into a plague zombie.

(The diseases listed above are in addition to those presented in d20 Modern.)

Parasites can also prove a nuisiance in some environments. Pararsitic infections are treated like a disease, transmitted when a character comes into contact with a possible source of infection (a tainted water supply, wormy food, or egg-laden supplies). A character infested with parasites also needs to consume double the amount of food and water to maintain his health and survive.

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