Critical Effects Table

Roll Severity Bludgeoning ¹ Piercing/Ballistic Slashing Energy ² Cold
01-50 Superficial (0) Contusion Pierce Slash Blistered Chilled
51-70 Light (1) Crack Stab Gash Scalded Frosted
71-85 Moderate (2) Fracture Deep Stab Deep Gash Seared Iced
86-95 Serious (3) Compound Fracture Impale Severe Gash Scorched Frozen
96-100 Critical (4) Shatter Run/Shot Through Possible Sever Charred Frozen Solid

¹ Includes falling, force, sonic damage, and subdual damage.
² Includes acid, lightning, and electricity damage.

Critical Hit Location Table

Note: To take into account size differences between opponents, modify the location roll by subtracting 10% for every level of size difference if the attacker is smaller. If the attacker is larger, add 10% per level of size difference. This modification to the location roll does not apply to ranged attacks of any kind.

Roll Location (Standard Anatomy) Location (Non-Standard Anatomy)
Below 30 Leg * Non-vital area or locomotive limb
31-50 Arm * Non-vital area or manipulative limb
51-90 Chest/Abdomen Vital area
91 or Greater Head/Neck Highly vital area

* If an arm or leg is rolled, roll a second time to determine which limb is hit (equal chance for left or right for normal humanoid physiologies). (The same holds true for creatures with multiple torsos or heads.)

Condition Summary:

All critical effects can result in the victim suffering one or more conditions, depending on part of the body struck by the attack:

Severity Levels:

When a character suffers a critical hit, the results of that critical and its effects on the wounded character depend on the severity of the injury:

Specific Injury Descriptions:

Bludgeoning Damage: Bludgeoning damage results from any kind of blunt impact from such weapons as maces and clubs, as well as falling, force, sonic, and subdual damage:

Piercing/Ballistic Damage: Piercing or ballistic damage results from any kind of impaling or stabbing weapon (such as some swords, arrows, and spears) or bullets:

Slashing Damage: Slashing damage results from any sort of edged weapon capable of cutting along its edge, such as some swords, axes, and pole arms:

Energy Damage: Energy damage results from fire, acid, lighting, and electricity, as well as damage from lasers, masers, plasma guns and other blasters:

Cold Damage: Cold damage results from any attack by ice and cold:

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