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Ecopsychology and Ecology

I facilitate, for a very low cost or for free, Workshops and Training on many topics related to ecopsychology, the Earth Charter, the psychology of ecology, and environmental activism.

I am working at promoting the Earth Charter through Earth Charter Cowichan.

My efforts to connect people with nature include volunteer work with the Cowichan Valley Naturalists Society and the Young Naturalists Club of the Cowichan Valley.  I also volunteer with the Cowichan Community Land Trust, the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia, and other environmental organizations.

Here are some pieces I have written about ecopsychology, land stewardship, land trusts, the Earth Charter, and related topics.  Many of these articles are in HTML format for viewing with your browser and/or in PDF format for printing.  To read or print the PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat viewerClick here to download a free copy. 

Ecopsychology:  Where does it fit in psychology in 2009? PDF. In Trumpeter, Volume 24, Number 3 (2008), 68-85.
The Separation from More-than-Human Nature. HTML PDF
Three landholder contact programs in British Columbia.  Paper presented at the 8th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Bellingham, WA, June 2000. PDF  
Health Notes:  Connecting with Nature. HTML PDF EnCompass, Volume 5, Number 4, May/June 2001

Building an Organic Left. HTML PDF Canadian Dimension, Volume 35, May/June 2001

Applied Ecopsychology:  The Unusual Language of Michael J. Cohen. PDF. In Trumpeter, Volume 19, Number 2 (2003), 59-68.

Land Stewardship and the Earth Charter.  Paper presented at The Leading Edge: Stewardship and Conservation in Canada, July, 2003. HTML PDF

Land Trusts and Conservancies in British Columbia, 2003.  PDF

Green Burials: A back to the land movement.  Kingfisher 6, pages 21-22.
The Earth Charter: A manifesto for the 21st Century. HTML PDF Canadian Dimension, volume 38, March/April 2004, 39-40.

Follow-up of 11 years of landholder contact in the Cowichan Region, 2005. PDF

Learning to Love the World PDF Canadian Friend, 2005, #5, 14-15.
We've Endorsed the Earth Charter, Now What? PDF Canadian Friend, 2005, #5, 20.
How Did We Get Here?  A Personal View of the Origins and Future of LTABC Kingfisher 15, page 2

And in the online journal Gatherings: Seeking Ecopsychology: 

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom:  A history of ecopsychology
Chief Seattle, er, Professor Perry speaks:  Inventing indigenous solutions to the environmental problem
Caring for the Land
Gatherings, November, 2000 (editor)
A web conversation about LowTide
Is it Ever Too Late?  The rescue of Tower Hill
ICE Conversation about  Gardening, Farmer’s Markets and "Making Things"
Why would anyone go to jail to save trees?
Have a Carfree day
Pilgrims at Grizzly Creek

Ecopsychology links

For the latest on ecopsychology, see the website of the International Community for Ecopsychology.  There you will find Gatherings, an ecopsychology e-journal and excellent links to lots of ecopsychology-related websites along with lists of researchers, practitioners, coming events, and books.  There is also a Blog about ecopsychology.

For outstanding Vancouver Island wilderness adventures, join my friend Patrick Walshe at Coastal Revelations.

Michael J. Cohen's Project Nature Connect provides activities and courses in connecting with nature.  If you want to learn about how to actually DO applied ecopsychology, visit his site or Steve Smith's excellent Nature Connected Resources site.


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