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My current projects:

I am currently working with the Emmaus Group on a number of different studio projects. Our current project is "Blessings," and the first show is going up this week at Dalhousie Mennonite Community Church. We currently have two othershows up - "Creation's Story" at the New Life Community Church, and "The Monochromatic Show" at First Lutheran Church. "Holy Week" is coming down this week from Dalhousie to make way for the "Blessings" show.

I am also currently working full time as Coordinator of Faith Formation at St. Peter's parish in Calgary. I've let go of all of the children's special events and Youth Ministry programming. I'm still available to write letters of reference and help the older teens find volunteer opportunities and summer jobs. I've got a schedule put together for next year, for Adult Faith Formation. I'm going to be directly running the RCIA, and two off-shoot programs from the RCIA, which are Preparation for Profession of Faith and Full Communion, for baptized adult non-Catholics who've been coming to Mass but for whatever reason were never received into the Church (this will run in the fall), and once again the Adult Confirmation program in the spring.

I also have various office duties, including scheduling baby baptisms and looking after the related paperwork.

Studio News: Check out the ART pages to see the most recent catalogue of paintings.

Gordon is busy with his work as a landlord's agent, and also with his favourite hobby of scroll saw wood work. He's already booked his Christmas shows, and is working diligently on his Christmas crafts.

Mom plays the clarinet for the Foothills Concert Band, Rocky Mountain Concert Band, and Cappy Smart (Firemen's ) Band.

News from Mom:

Mom played at Carnegie Hall in New York City with the Cappy Smart Band, in June of 2009. I'm extremely proud of her. happy dance

Ron had a heart attack on June 12th. He spent many weeks in hospital before deciding he didn't want to continue to receive care. He died on July 29th, 2015, at the Southwood Hospice.

At the time of his death, he was still the President of the Burma Star Association, which is an association of veterans who fought the Second World War in Burma. The Burma Star Division, also known as the 14th Army, fought in the Far East from December 1942 until August of 1945.Although the 14th Army numbered over one million soldiers, and was the largest Commonwealth army in all of history, it is only now that history books are beginning to be written about its exploits in battle.

For more information, go to the Burma Star Historical Notes home page.Click on the link to access the notes.

Best Line Seen this week:

Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us that dragons exist;
but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. ~ G. K. Chesterton

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May 5th


St. Judith, also spelled Jutta, was born at Sangerhausen near the beginning of the thirteenth century. Judith was married at the age of fifteen to a nobleman and she used this call to devote herself to the Lord and to her family as a wife and mother. Judith used St. Elizabeth of Hungary, who died in early in the same century, as an example for living in holiness as a married woman. Judith's holiness served as an example to her husband and her children and her whole family copied her example of holiness and dedication to the Lord.

After several years of marriage, Judith's husband died while on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Judith was left to raise their children alone. Judith cared for her children until they left home. After this happened, she sold all she owned and retired into religious life. Judith lived as a hermit and gained a wide reputation for her holiness and the Lord used her to touch many lives. St. Judith died in the year 1260. She is the patroness of Prussia and of widows.

October 15

Feast of the Day

St. Teresa of Avila - Saint Teresa was born in Avila, Spain, March 28, 1515. She died in Alba, October 4, 1582. She was a reformer, a visionary, and a mystic.She founded many Carmelite convents, with stricter rules than they had been used to.The reforms established by St. Teresa resulted in great spiritual growth for the nuns under her care. She also wrote three very important books: her Autobiography, the Way of Perfection, and the Interior Castle.


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