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This site is respectfully dedicated to the men and women of Canada's Armed Forces and Merchant Navy, both past and present. The objective of this site is to display research material, as well as general information related to Canada's military with emphasis on maritime forces . Feel free to look around and when you are done if you have any comments, positive or negative, please add an entry to my Log Book or contact me directly.

Tributes to Departed Friends

In Flander's Fields

The Mother's Cross and Other Memorial Awards

Warships Lost in World War II

SS Point Pleasant Park - A Tribute to a Merchant Mariner

A British Merchant Mariner - U-Boat Attack Survivor

Naval Medals

The Royal Canadian Navy LS & GC Medal

The Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve Awards

The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve Awards

The Royal Canadian Navy (Reserve) Awards

Insignia of the Canadian Navy

RCN Officer's Collar Insignia

Rating Badges of the RCN & RCN(R) 1950-1970

Naval Information

Navy Official Numbering System

Links & Wanted

X-Files - Assistance Request

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