Born on the 5th of may 1944 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, UK. (Same place as Anthony (C3PO)Daniels.)
and raised in England, Wales and Africa. While most people recognize him from his roles in the Indiana Jones
movies and Sliders, and to a lesser extent The Untouchables and the Dalton era Bond flick Living Daylights.
But John has worked on an amazingly HUGE amount of projects. Everything from Shakespeare to Gargoyles.

An avid car collector ( not unlike Jay Leno and Kevin Spacey ) John currently lives between L.A.
and the Isle of Man. While John is quite well known and respected actor it won't be long till The Lord of the Rings
makes him into a top draw and lets him get better roles than thing's like the trusty man servant in Au Pair
( with Gregory Harrison from Logans Run the series fame)