My Mix CDs

Here is my lack-luster page for my mix cds.
Click on the thumbnails, and a new page will open with the full cd cover & track listing, along with a little blurb about the cd.

Don't steal these. Not like you would. But still.

Something to Burn What You Say? This is pretty F*cked up right here For Haley disc 1 For Haley Disc 2 Another Gloomy Sunday Dramatic Pause The Eternal Pessimist Too much time on my hands Orange & Green I burned this, but you don't know me disc 1 I burned this, but you don't know me disc 2 I burned this, but you don't know me disc 3 I burned this, but you don't know me disc 4 I burned this, but you don't know me disc 5 Crazy like a FOX The Happy House Trio The Music of Karl Zero (as heard on the X-files) These Darkened Streets Above the Quiet, there's a Buzz (so many people, so many stories) I know you tried to change things Boxes? Must be stock day Invasion: So Succexy She can't tell me that all of the love songs have been written Every time you speak Just Tired of Living in Here Broken-Accidental We are the coolest ever No Hero in her Sky Spring is in the air (but i'm stuck in here) On Day One Sweaters are comfy I was more beautiful choose to Celebrate the first nothing trail of silences that warp in the rain The Girl who would be Queen Life is a Train Waiting on the one that maybe won't come Compliment my Mood And the City We be so Cool Cable Boat Neck Sweaters You Smoked with the Ghost in the back of my head Breaking All the (Reitmans) rules Walk Out if They Drag You Down Party like it's 1999 Was I the Bullet or the Gun? No Modern Romance Wish I was By Your Side I Fear I Tempt the Fates Take Away All the Reasons Why I Care i drive alone The Quirky, Spills alot of stuff sidekick to Kathryn's Xena crispy, crispy Benjamin Franklin came over and babysat all 4 of my kids No Cheerleader for Love Tonight Your Ghost Will Ask My Ghost: Where is the Love? Things I have Loved, I'm Allowed to keep Don't Censor your Tears Two Decades Older. Two Decades Wiser? She'll tell our futures, but don't believer her God, Sometimes You Just Don't Come Through One Way to Float is if you Die I can make the walls spin around and raise the ground BackYard Party Let's Eat Carrots Together This State of Emergency drawn to the Quicksand You Know that you got a long walk home a mix for a summer afternoon We Love You, We'll Miss You I Know You Just Wanna be on Fire Jealous of Your Cigarette The Simplicity of the Ghost-like Beast v1 The Simplicity of the Ghost-like Beast v2 The Simplicity of the Ghost-like Beast v3 The Simplicity of the Ghost-like Beast v4 The Start Button has been Pushed Already Go! Team Canada Penguins know how to party Growing Old So Young They Will See Us Waving from Such Great Heights Walking in my Sleep Like I've Never Been Born Losing your atmosphere The First Word was Dream Now that I've met you would you object to never seeing each other again There was a Love Affair I approve of this mix Once I took the Universe to Dinner Find Me & Follow Me Through Corridors & Factories All that I can think about are Fall Days They Made a Statue of Us We Be Bustin' a Move Now I know What I don't Want - I learned that with you God That Was Strange to See You Again Doesn't matter where you ought to be - how you get there's the thing Here's to us & another party City of Quartz this could be the Last Beautiful Day In the Basement of the Hat Factory Too Late to Stop Send the Wrecking Crew After Me : KathrynPalooza '05 Dear Someone Listening from the Shadows Don't Act Broken Even When You're Broken If this is all we've got to fight for, Rage my darlings, rage All that is more than a wish is a memory If I was the New Year's Eve DJ... Pretty Good Year - 2005 in a mix Alice Died in the Night Gradual Descent into a Life you never meant Excuse me, but I just have to explode We Laughed at the Beatitudes of a Thousand Lines Away we Go! Sometimes I think that I'm bigger than the Sound Gonna Light a Fire on the Street I Love Fell Asleep on a Late Night Train There's Gonna Be Nice Days in the Ice Age It's Gonna Take an Airplane to Get Me off the Ground Don't Forget to Write Don't Put Marbles in Your Nose How'd it get this late so early? Not Heaven Sent: A Forever Knight Mix Am I Love Sick? I Was So Bored with my new Life If there was a better way to go, then it would find me I can't help you anymore I Want to Believe if You Tell Me So Live Through This And You Won't Look Back All Our Songs will be Lullabyes in no time The Possiblity of Open Skies Hell is Asking to be Loved Not Betting on the Afterlife Melt Your Heart Can You Spot a Pattern?: Definitive Bjork There Are No Stars Aligned Choose the Highest Bidder Was My Answer When They Told Me I was Up For Sale Unlikely Tea Party Life Was Supposed to be a Film - 2007 in a Mix People are Just People We Are Growing at the Speed of Light At the Edge of the World

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Disclaimer: Some of the images used are not mine, however, I did graphically edit and arrange the images. Please don't sue me, thx.