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Collages prepared by Jim McPherson for the 1000-Daze mini-trilogy

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Jim McPherson's Australia 2011 Travels Site

Familar personage belatedly celebrating birthday with swim in Tasman Sea, photo by Dom the Pom, 2011

Begun in Spring 2011; Revisited in Winter 2011/12; Ongoing Additions Spring/Summer 2012

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The Wonderful Weather Wizard of Oz

Sydney Opera House and Birthday Boy in Tasmania

©Jim McPherson ( 2012


Hobby Horse and Clam Cliff, photos by Jim McPherson, 2011

Ozymandias McPherson

Travels Website

pH-Realworld is an unscheduled, yet ongoing, series of photo essays written, photographed, scanned in and/or otherwise prepared by Jim McPherson as an addendum to pH-Webworld (Jim McPherson's PHANTACEA Mythos), which has been out here in Cyberia since 1996, and the main website for Phantacea Publications (, which made its online debut in the Summer of 2008

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Time to eat -- the signing Wallaby, shot by Jim McPherson, 2011

Travelogues Online

Sailboat and bucking skeletons shot by Jim McPherson, 2011

Photographs taken by Jim McPherson on his travels, as well as collages usually composed at least in part with these photos, can also be found on websites devoted to Jim McPherson's PHANTACEA Mythos. These include Phantacea Publications, pH-Webworld and pHantacea on pHacebook.

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Web Publisher's Greetings

Two shots of the Sydney satyr, photo by Jim McPherson, 2011

Welcome or welcome back, as the case may be

Bucketheads beware: You may find some of what follows amusing

Then again you might even if you're only a honourary buckethead like me

Should the Don't Dare U Laugh (DULL) Squad come squalling, flail not to hire the Law Firm of Satyr & Sharky, LOL

(Not to be confused with Satire & Snarky Sometimes. Though, if confusion's your bent, hey, be my guest. Feel confused all you want.)

Shark head shot in Hobart over meat packages shot in Melbourne, photos by Jim McPherson, 2011

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Bringing rainy to the needy and sunny to the already thoroughly drenched, these and other remarkable feats, including survival without an aqualung on Day One, I count wizardly accomplishments.

That said, who the Aussie heck is Ozymandias McPherson you might ask. Has last year's Buckethead Jim acquired a swelled head — or a bloated bilge-bucket, as the case may be?

Sooth said, which I always strive to do, I am aware that Ozymandias, at least in Shelley's poem, refers to a pharaoh, probably Rameses II, and not a wizard: "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

I'm also aware that the Ozymandias in the comparatively recent Watchmen movie, as well as the original comic book series, subsequent animatic and inevitable graphic novel, is the supranormal nom de guerre of a character oft-times referred to as 'the smartest man alive'. Which I'll sooth say anew definitely does not apply to me.

Still, what would you call the Wonderful Weather Wizard of Oz other than Ozymandias -- Bruce or maybe Sheila, assuming a wizard can be a Sheila?

No need to answer, though it does occur to me that the Boss (Bruce Springsteen) is probably better known as the Bozz in Oz.

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Regardless of whomsoever I'm masquerading as this time up: Congratulations, you're in the right spot. Not only is this Jim McPherson's Travels site, it's the debut of the second such.

And no, I didn't finally get around to moving it to a sub-directory of, as I've been threatening to do for a couple of years now. (Lynx to previous welcoming pages are here.)

That's because my longest running website, pH-Webworld, ran out of space first. Since phantacea always wins the priorities' battle in this house, it got the no doubt much coveted sub-directory space. And a new URL to boot with it:

Maybe not even a month later, after I prepared and tried to mount the latest graphics for this installment (a sample of which can be found on this very welcoming page), I discovered I didn't have any space left on this server either.

Took me a while to come up with a work-around but the trick to adding to my long-standing Travels Site turned out to be fairly simple. I pay what seems to me a hefty premium for my high-speed web access but it does have its perks -- ten email addresses.

All I had to do was activate another email address that I'll never use and, bingo-bling-bongo, I get access to the web space that comes with it. Bloody brilliant, eh, wot?

Oh, sorry ... Should have exclaimed "Bloody oath!", whatever that means.

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Meatier Melbourne Mementos

threeEyeWoman, Jim McPherson, 2011Melbourne Market - Lamb Lungs, Jim McPherson, 2011Melbourne Market - Lamb Brains, JIm McPherson, 2011Melbourne Market - Lamb Plucks, Jim McPherson, 2011Shaggers Disco, Jim McPherson, 2011

Despite its name, and the highly suggestive expressions on the pandas depicted to either side of the banner, Shaggers is not a meat market. It's a bar cum comedy club.

(Um, just to be clear, that's 'cum' from the Latin, meaning 'together with', not cum from anywhere else, including shagging -- which, I was reliably informed many years ago, is from the carpet.)

Melbourne does have a pretty impressive meat market, in the ordinary sense. Not that lungs, brains, tongues, paunches and/or plucks have ever found their way onto my dinner table, in dishes or otherwise.

(Probably should sound so certain about that. I have had some seriously sketchy Irish stews in my day. And, as for the Greek stifados my Theban-born grandfather loved, well, I wouldn't want to speculate would I.)

Might the 3-eyed whammy-woman on the right of this spread be of a Master Deva, Shining One or little god? For that matter, what is an aka-devil in phantacea-pHact?

See here if not for answers per se so much as lynx to said-answers.

Double-click on images for enlargements of some of them in a separate browser window; as for which ones open browsers with different images, well, you're only five double-clicks away from finding out which ones are different.
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Apparently Aussies have a sense of humour. Apparently also they have a reputation for good beer. Having spent five weeks there I'm unable to confirm either assertion.

I won't go so far as an across-the-bar refutation of said reputation in the latter case. (Aussies do brew a decent Stella.) As for the former, put it this way: There's no need for a DULL Squad in Oz.

For more suchlike fair dinkum (unsolicited, if not entirely unwarranted, observations and commentary, howsoever arch, sarcastic and/or bemused) you'll have to smack 'er upside the old ear-hole here — and hope no one complains too loudly.

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As for where I'm going next, hey, I've already gone there.

Remind me to tell you about it sometime.

Collages of Uluru Cliffheads

Collages of Cliffheads, shot at Uluru, 2011, prepared in 2012, by Jim McPherson

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Cover for Janna Fangfingers, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2011

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Design, text, photography and/or image-manipulation by Jim McPherson (

Notes on Graphics

| Wizardly Clam + Not a Rickety Rocket of a Sea Horse | Neither bare nor barely freezing | Equinoctial Weather Wizarded | Satire & Snarky | The Signing Wallaby | Funny Pee-Cards |

Double click on thumbnail for pop-up window containing a full-size image

Such a happy clam cliff

Clam-cliff squished in 2012

Something of a distorted view.

Reminds me of a human hat with no visible eyes, just a massive mouth, and an equally large right hand holding, what? An oversized apple, maybe.

Double-click for Clam Cliff as it was in April 2011

Peculiar Perspectives come to Oz

<== No, not some sort of gigantic wizardly clam-man in hood holding an apple of immortality as many might believe, howsoever erroneously. At least I don't think it is. Mind you, there are those in Oz who swear by the potency of Aborigine Magic Men.

==> This particular sea horse is not a fish. Nor is it rocketing skyward, though it looks like it.

Sea Shepherd insignia on Bob Barker, 2011

Hobby Harbour shows up on a map as Hobart Harbour. As we discovered on our first night in Tasmania, it's where Sea Pirates come to rest and recuperate after months harrying Japanese Whalers out of Antarctic Ocean.

As per here, that should probably be Sea Shepherds, not Sea Pirates, though one might be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

<== Return to rollover ==>

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We have liftoff

Lampstand shot in Hobart, Tasmania, 2011

At least so it seems. Actually a lampstand in Hobby Harbour whereon the lamp is beneath the ornamental top

The clouds in background got sorted -- as in vanished -- by the third day no doubt due to effectiveness of Ozmandias McPherson's wonderful weather wizardry

Nice Feet

Familar personage belatedly celebrating birthday with swim in Tasman Sea, photo by Dom the Pom, 2011

Watery Bravo

<== Familiar personage belatedly celebrating birthday with (extremely) brief swim in Tasman Sea ==>

(For comparative temperature references, think Oregon coast, with which it shares degrees of latitude, albeit southern rather than northern, as well as a really big and generally really cold ocean)

Photos by Dom the Pom, 2011, who also took the shot behind the Opera-Bridge in panel next door to it (and Sharky's double-click below)

<== Return to rollovers ==>

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Better Form

Familar personage belatedly celebrating birthday with swim in Tasman Sea, photo by Dom the Pom, 2011

Two shots illustrating weather conditions in Oz during 2011 trip

Equinoctial Weather Weirdness

<== Sydney Opera house with strangely famous bridge in background; the double-click opens a window with an enlargement of the sailboat next door; return to Opera House rollover

==> Sailboat shot in Sydney harbour from ferry on way back from Manly Beach; the double-click opens a window with an enlargement of the bucking skeletons spotted in a Sydney City museum in above rollover; return to rollover

Shots of the opera house and sailboat were taken a day apart (on or around Australia's Autumnal Equinox); they illustrate the mellowing effect of my wizardly workings on the miserable (read diluvial) weather conditions I experienced upon arrival for start of 2011 trip;

Sydney was cool and sometimes even more blustery than some of the machismo misfits I met while travelling down there; by contrast, once my climatic conjurations got warmed up after a long flight from Vancouver via Los Angeles, most of the rest of my trip was brilliantly sunny;

(I arrived at the tail end of one of the wettest, most tempestuous and downright dangerous summers on record. It was so bad, crocodiles were seen sloshing through the streets of Brisbane suburbs and streams flowed along seemingly forever dry, fluvial runnels in the Red Centre that, until then, even aboriginals thought caused mythologically, not meteorologically.)

Way Upwards - Graphical Lynx - Briefly Onwards - Way Downwards
sailboat shot on ferry back from Manly Beach
Sydney Satyr

Satyr & Sharky

The shark on the wall was taken in the Hobart museum in Tasmania; fortunately for his brethren still in the wild none of them sought to make a meal of me because, transitional Aussie that I've become, replete with manly-mandatory bluff and bluster, I'd undoubtedly bite back.

Its double-click is of said boastfully transient would-be-biter, none other than Ozymandias McPherson.

As for the satyr, who looks highly pleased with himself sitting on his perch just off Sydney's harbourside walkway, it's by Frank (Guy) Lynch, no date given.

BTW, I used him on the front cover for "Contagion Collectors", a mini-novel I POD-published a few months after I shot him, hence the double-click

Return to the law firm of Satire & Snarky Sometimes

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Shark head on wall in Tasmanian museum
Wallaby signs 'time', photo by Jim McPherson, 2011

"Time to Eat"

<== Signing wallaby spotted on Philips Island, south of Melbourne ==>

Funnily enough, the wallaby is not wearing a watch. Nevertheless he is indicating his wrist as if making the sign for "time". He next makes the universal sign for "eat", hence the caption.

Of course, even if I was so inclined, which I wasn't, I never got close enough to confirm his sex. So maybe she's a signing wallaby.

Return to rollover in opening panel

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Wallaby signs eat, photo by Jim McPherson, 2011

Collage Crazy on Cliffheads (again)

Collage of Uluru heads, prepared by Jim McPherson, 2012

Plenty more where these came from -- Uluru was Cliffhead Heaven for guys like me. (All right, maybe there was no need for pluralization.)

The 'again' in caption refers to a few other times I've gone on a bent and published the resultant peculiar perspectives. Examples include those found here, here, here, and the front cover for "Contagion Collectors".

More Uluru heads

Return to Cliff Collages Rollover

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This is funny?

Oz guy humour, postcard purchased in 2011

Aussie Picards

(As in pee-cards: What seemingly passes for urine down under; unless, that is, it's humour down udder a cow)

<== Ozzie guy humour | Ozzie gal humour ==>

According to postcards I couldn't resist buying down under at any rate.

Return to first reference in text - Return to second reference - Return to third reference

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This is funnier?

Ozzy gal humour, postcard bought in 2011

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