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Collages prepared by Jim McPherson for the 1000-Daze mini-trilogy

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Summer 2012

2 details from the Brussels Bosch, photos by Jim McPherson, 2012

Jim McPherson's Post-2010 Travels Site

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Peculiar Perspectives - Bosch 2012

Bosch triptyches in Bruges and Brussels, Belgium, 2012

©Jim McPherson (www.phantacea.com) 2012


A pair of collages prepared by Jim McPherson

Belgian Bosco's

Guide to Boschian Delights

pH-Realworld is an unscheduled, yet ongoing, series of photo essays written, photographed, scanned in and/or otherwise prepared by Jim McPherson as an addendum to pH-Webworld (Jim McPherson's PHANTACEA Mythos online), which has been out here in Cyberia since 1996, and the main website for Phantacea Publications (www.phantacea.com), which made its online debut in the Summer of 2008

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The Clam Cliff, 2011, plus Humping Hoolies, 2012; photos shot and adjusted by Jim McPherson

Travelogues Online

2 details from the Brussels Bosch, photos by Jim McPherson, 2012

Photographs taken by Jim McPherson on his travels, as well as collages usually composed at least in part with these photos, can also be found on websites devoted to Phantacea Publications and pH-Webworld (background information on Jim McPherson's PHANTACEA Mythos)

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Web Publisher's Greetings


Welcome or welcome back, as the case may be

Boston Blackie I'm not. Neither am I Belgian Bosco - not really - though that's who will be escorting you through the Summer 2012 Travels update.

2 versions of the Munich Last Judgement, one before restoration taken from web, other shot onsite by Jim McPherson in 2010

Sooth however said we'll begin in Munich, in the Spring of 2010 (for the future Belgian Bosco), with its version of 'The Last Judgment'.

Which, as it turns out, is best considered an advertising sampler for a teenage artist striving to become the 15th Century equivalent of a popstar.

Actual travelogue starts here.

| What and Why | Newt Notes | Even Newer Newts | For the Future |

Since 1996 I've been inflicting peculiar perspectives online in what's recently become 5 websites and 2 Facebook pages -- henceforth to be spelled personally properly as pHacebook.

This time the 'I' inflicting skewed strangeness is Belgian Bosco. As for whether he's the latest incarnation of Buckethead Jim or Ozymandias McPherson, I'll leave that for you to determine.

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Regardless of whomsoever I'm masquerading as this time up: Congratulations, you're in the right spot. Not only is this Jim McPherson's Travels site, it's the second edition of the second such.

And no, I didn't finally get around to moving it to a sub-directory of www.phantacea.com, as I've been threatening to do for a couple of years now. (Lynx to previous welcoming pages are here.)

That's because my longest running website, pH-Webworld, ran out of space first. Since phantacea always wins the priorities' battle in this house, it got the no doubt much coveted sub-directory space. And a new URL to boot with it: www.phantacea.info

Maybe not even a month later, after I prepared and tried to mount the latest graphics for my Odds 'n' Oz travelogue, I discovered I didn't have any space left on that server either. (It's still there, though, all full-up but to my mind still entertaining.)

Took me a while to come up with a work-around but the trick to adding to my long-standing Travels Site turned out to be fairly simple.

I pay what seems to me a hefty premium for my high-speed web access but it does have its perks -- ten email addresses.

All I had to do was activate another email address that I'll never use and, bingo-bling-bongo, I get access to the web space that comes with it.

Bloody brilliant, eh, wot?

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Details from 2 Belgian Bosco shot, 2012

A rainy late winter and miserable spring followed. To help escape it, if only mentally, I continued adding to Odds 'n' Oz. Added so much I ran out space again.

Solution? Same — only this time the new website is strictly Oz (if not necessarily Odds, as it will stay here for the time being).

That means this one is once again free to fill up with other stuff, hence Belgian Bosco.

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As for where I'm going next, hey, I've already gone there.

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater, panorama photo by Jim McPherson

- Double click to open new window with an enlargement of this panorama -

But before I tell you about it, how about some stuff immediately pre and post said-it?

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PHANTACEA Mythos print publications available for ordering not just from the publisher

Cover for Goddess Gambit, original artwork by Verne Andru, 2011

Final book in 'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories' trilogy, published in 2012

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Cover for Janna Fangfingers, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2011

'The 1000 Days of Disbelief' concludes, published in 2011; e-version published in 2011

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Cover for The Death's Head Hellion, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2010

'The 1000 Days of Disbelief' commences, published in 2010; e-version published in 2011

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Cover for Contagion Collectors, collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2010

'The 1000 Days of Disbelief' continues, published in 2010; e-version published in 2011

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Design, text, photography and/or image-manipulation by Jim McPherson (www.phantacea.com)

Notes on Graphics

| Fractured Floats + Confusion Says ... | Ozy + Harry sneak into Travels Site | Bosco Tempts Tony | Last Judgement in Bruges | Last Judgement in Munich |

More stuff like this can be found elsewhere on Web -- for example, here

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Collage of shots taken in Panama City, February 2009

Non-Collagenous Collages

<== Collage of shots taken in Panama City, February 2009; the original, with commentary, is here;

==> The '4 lips are better than tulips for a Siamese pumpkin' needed an online home; until Pumpkinhead Jim gets around to doing a Vancouver page, this will have to do;

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Collage prepared by Jim McPherson, Halloween 2009

Ozymandias McPherson

Ozymandias Jim graphic, 2011

The Wonderful Weather Wizard of Oz has happily made this horizontal flip and thereafter deliberate distortion (better known as the Happy as a Clam Cliff in Uluru) his publicity photo.

Have to admit the shape does look like a wizard's hoodie. There's no denying thumb and forefinger holding the apple either.

And is that Clam Cliff's kid poking his or her shell up beside the apple? Certainly appears to be.

Ozy & Harry

I'm reliably informed that Ozzie and Harriet were a famous couple from my parents' era. By contrast Ozy and Harry are not just from my era, they're from me. Beyond that I hesitate to extrapolate.

However, after due consideration, I can't resist so ...

<== The squeeze is on, or was on once I came up with it on my photo-manipulation program. Much more on that particular conceit here and here.

==> Blame it on Buffy. Not Buffy St Marie, she justifiably of 'The Universal Soldier' fame; Buffy the Whelan wonder show.

That 7-year-long, subsequently seemingly endlessly rerun and admittedly often brilliant bit of sometimes torrid, televised treacle trivialized OMG to the point that its usage is now so widespread it's become meaningless.

Worse, said extreme overuse makes inevitably intolerant Evangelicals happy. And, since they're demonstrably evil, the devil's tool in their own terms, that's wrong.

It therefore came to pass that, having caught myself involuntarily uttering OMG variants, I determined to train myself to exclaim other inanities in their stead.

The one that's won is none other than 'Humping Hoolies'. It's a conflation of Humping Hula Hoops, which, as per here, is a greeting first heard during the course of "Goddess Gambit".

BTW, for a while I was encouraging folks to use 'colossal' as an alternative for 'awesome'. I've given that up. Instead I just cringe whenever someone misusing what had been a perfectly respectable word up until a few years ago.

Guess my descent into curmudgeonry is irreversible.

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Humping Hoolies

Built over a possible Bosch detail, text reads Humping Hoolies, Harry Lad, 2012

The collage refers to an exclamatory greeting for/of Ringleader (Harry Zeross). He's a major character in "Goddess Gambit", Book Three in 'The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories'.

Sometimes aka Rings (or Kid Ringo even though he's in his late thirties come Gambit, which is largely set in December 1980), Harry is dangerously close to a heroic character.

The speaker of the novel's first utterance of same is Auguste Moirnoir (aka 'Young Death'), who gets a fair amount of print in Gambit.

Fortunately for the reputation of the Phantacea franchise as Anheroic Fantasy, as noble as he can be Aug the Dog is not the most, um, savoury of characters.


That's Bobby Branch, not Booby Branch, Bosco

Detail from Temptation, shot by Jim McPherson, 2012

Might be scenes from a booby hatch, though. After all, a striding nun wearing ice skates on solid ground is about the only comparatively normal sight seen in this sequence.

Stark-white, stalking creature with arrow-shot in flank suggests the 'Dobury', from "Contagion Collectors".

A Big Bosch Replication in Brussels

The Temptation, shot in Brussels by Jim McPherson, 2012

Double-click and leave open for nonce, the better to keep in context with detail shots to sides, is my best advice to you.

Have to admit that when I walked into the Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique - Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten van België (Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium) I was disappointed to discover most of it was closed down for asbestos removal.

Then I was delighted to discover a Bosch in the first room on right above the huge concourse. I knew about ones in Bruges and Ghent. Indeed, I'd made a mental note to visit both cities upon return to Belgium from Africa.

Had never heard of a Bosch in Brussels; hence my delight. Then, of course, why that was quickly came clear when I read the signage. It wasn't an original Bosch at all, just a topnotch replica of one I'd seen in Lisbon two years earlier. Nevertheless ...

<== The Dobury-type beside the Bobby Branch is in the right mid-frame of the central sequence. ==> The Eat-Beak Freak is in the right lower corner of the left sequence.

(Did Flemish-cum-Dutch coppers wear bobby hats in the late 14, early 1500s? Must have, because that certainly is a bobby's helmet on the walking tree branch {hoodie?} in a monk's robe.

(And what's with the dead snake dangling off the other branch, the one growing off nun's left shoulder?)

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The Eat-Beak Freak

The Eat-Beak Freak, 2012

Let's see, quite clearly the eat-beak freak hatches blackbirds by standing on their eggs. Once hatched he eats them.

Unless, that is, he's eating the mother hen just after she hatched the blackbird chick.

Feeding the Nun Wagon

The Nun-Wagon Feeds,2012

One loads it with children through an orifice in its head. The nun wagon thoroughly mind-munches then spits a bigger child out onto the wheel of life.

Which rolls on, pulled by subservient parents from the looks of things. Child, now an adult, is crushed by wheel of life.

Unless adult rolls off it, whereupon it drowns in sludge of drudgery.

Or so it would seem.

The Last Judgement in Bruges

The last Judgement in Bruges,  2012

Best advice dittos above. Double-click and leave open for nonce, the better to keep in context with detail shots to sides.

<== The nun-wagon is in upper mid-frame of central sequence.

==> The mummy tree is from Temptation, above. It's in the lower mid-frame of the central sequence to left of stage area.

Christ in this sky echoes in "Contagion Collectors", only then he's black, sitting on a Brainrock throne and is in phantacea-pHact Sraddha in the Sky.

There's a seriously strange, yet nonetheless serendipitous sighting re the Vienna Last Judgement here.

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Mouse-Riding Mummy Tree, with Mummy Baby and Bystanders

Mummy tree detail from Brussels Bosch, 2012

The mummy tree with the mummy baby is suggestive of the Legendarian's onetime wife and resultant daughter, Sylvia and Wooden Tethys, from "Feeling Theocidal"

Remnants of the Munich Last Judgement

Web image of the Munich Last Judgement b4 restoration

As noted here, the Munich Last Judgement may not even be by Bosch. The main argument against seems to be that the wood panel upon which it was painted has been "dendrochronologically dated to 1440, i.e., ten years before Bosch's birth" (Reading Bosch from Right to Left). This of course means nothing since there's no reason the panel couldn't have been sitting untouched for howsoever many years until Bosch got around to using it.

The same unaccredited source quoted in the previous paragraph states that the Munich fragment was painted in 1466(?), when Bosch was all of 16(?). Plus, if our webmeister can be believed, it wasn't a painting so much as an oversized advertising brochure. It seems the teenage Bosch aspired to become a 'Faiseur des Diables', literally a 'Maker of Devils'.

Evidently fears of eternal damnation were all the rage during Bosch's malignant, Church-ridden times. That made Makers of Devils the equivalent of today's popstars. Since they made such a good living back then, so goes this theory, teenage Jerome fancied becoming one himself.

And here – ergot equalling bad acid (LSD) – I always blamed his outrageous output on tainted rye and overzealous preachers.

This being late summer 2012, less than 6 months before the much ballyhooed End of Days Solstice predicted by fear mongers, their credulous adherents and 'let's-make-Mayan-hay' media outlets, I don't doubt a man of Bosch's prodigious talents would be doing big business if he were still around — though probably as a rapper rather than a painter.

Web-shot — Double-click for restored version of the Munich fragment that I shot onsite in 2010

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