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sites with valuable information and links:

  look for:


Adiposity 101

Research News, Metabolic and Nutrition information.  A lot of background and supporting information; fascinating stuff.

Atkins Center

Atkins' methods explained, Tips, Research Articles, Atkins Product news, Nutritional Information, Low Carb Recipes
[ an official 'low carb plan' site ]

The GO Diet
(formerly the HiMoLo Diet)

Articles, Research News, Low Carb Recipes [GO 'Diet' targets the rare but difficult LC-resistant hypercholesteremia]
[ an official 'low carb plan' site ]

Protein Power

Articles, PP Product News, Recipes - an excellent resource, check out the Drs. Eades' blogs, and also the discussion forum.
[ an official 'low carb plan' site ]

quick Forums link

USDA database for Nutrient Info

Searchable Macronutrient and Micronutrient Data, including carb counts as reliable as possible to get...very detailed info available online.
PC and PDA offline software, too.

Nutrition Data's quick nutrition facts analyzer - use right here...

The LowCarb FAQ

THE LC info and links; unofficial but VERY comprehensive FAQ for the original Lowcarb-List email/digest.  A great place to start reading and get oriented to the low carb way of life.

The LowCarb Pavilion Excellent and wide-ranging collection of information and links from a scientific mind.

The Ultimate LowCarb Resource Page

Canadian personal LC webpage with much useful collected LC info and many links. gif

LowCarb Canada, Atkins Diet & Low-Carbohydrate Weight Loss Support

Canadian-based globally-oriented webpage with GOURMET chef-created recipes, readers' recipes, the Active Low-Carber Forum , shopping/retailer and product info, news and reference information, articles, tips, tools (carb counter, hidden carb inspector); VERY comprehensive.
Atkins Diet & Low-Carbohydrate Weight Loss and Health Plans Support

quick Forums link

The LowCarb Retreat

A longstanding and comprehensive resource for an amazing cross-section of nutritional, medical, lowcarb and spiritual information and support. One of the older and longest-lived low carb info resource sites around; please be patient with the old-style low tech venue. A great place to continue reading and learning. "PageDown" to the purple section The Starting Point for a vast collection of references and tips.


LC topics from the newsgroup ... another great FAQ and one of the original great resources. The newsgroup itself is still very active, do not be fooled by the dates on the FAQ.

Life Extension Foundation

nutrition, supplement and condition info; a marvelous resource for bio-medical news and articles reading ...

LowCarb Cook's Nook Rani Merens, long known as the LowCarb Kitchen Queen, hosts an excellent selection of LC Tips, Articles and Recipe/Cooking Chat Transcripts, here.

About Diabetes

A thorough range of diabetes topics, from

Rick Mendosa and the Glycemic Index

Rick Mendosa's body of work, one of the best and most objective sources available of information about Diabetes and/or Glycemic Index.
The Magic Bus
The Magic Bus Forum is a collection of free thinkers and discussions, they don't hold back. Fun and interesting discussions, if low traffic.
CFIA Canadian Food Inspection Agency new 2003 Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising more than you EVER wanted to know about food and Nutrition Facts labelling in Canada... effective December 2007 for small companies and December 2005 for large companies.


look for:

These are, in my opinion, the BEST available email-based Lists for information and support for Canadians.

St. John's University, Email Lists & Archives (USA, NJ)

The original home of the St.John's University-based email Lists (including the well-known Lowcarb-List, the LC-Diabetes and the Lowcarb-Technical lists) and their Archives. Now hosted at and only the Lowcarb-List is pretty much still active, of these shown here. Now hosted, generously, at


Low-Carb-Canada email List   NOTE:  (free) membership in Yahoo Groups required. Pretty much inactive, see the Forums at above for the 21st century version.

All about RECIPES

look for:

 These are the most comprehensive or the best (and large!) collections of low carb recipes, thus far. And I really have a thing for recipes....

LowCarb Recipes By Karen (Executive Chef, Stanley Park Fish House)

Karen is a talented Canadian chef, with an amazing ability to make simple dishes that make your mouth go aaaahhhhh (and has a fine hand with a sugarfree dessert!).

The Aussie Gourmet (Tony Blakemore)

dedicated LowCarb recipe collection, vast!

Celebrate LowCarb

another vast and wonderful recipe collection, available organized by occasion!   NOTE:  (free) membership sign-up in Yahoo Groups required.
== now inactive, sorry to say, but the recipes are still there ==

C.A. MacDonald’s LC Cookbook

a very large and comprehensive collection of LowCarber-submitted and tested recipes, most by the members of the newsgroup

Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes
wide-ranging, all tested and nicely organized, and many photographs of the finished dishes, too -- a great place to go recipe-cruising...

Some special recipes I've personally collected or developed and tested that you might particularly enjoy, using these ingredients or kitchen tools:

DaVinci Gourmet syrups & sauces

Frozen Mudslide Mocha, a blended frosty drink big enough for two and perfect for that "frappuccino" craving!

Wheat Protein Isolate

Perfect Pancakes & Waffles, an excellent base recipe for crispy and either sweet or savoury pancakes or waffles.

Erythritol Crystals

new! 5-Minute Chocolate Bundt Cake, an excellent and very moist & chocolatey, low glycemic and low carb sugarfree chocolate cake, made in the microwave!
Crockpot/Slow Cooker
...drop in to the Carbsmart Kitchen and check out the LowCarb Recipe Conversions section, where I walk you through basic recipe conversion techniques AND provide some yummy slow-cooker international 'stew' recipes at the same personal 5 minutes of fame...

Low Carb food product developers, manufacturers and vendors

look for:


Expert Foods Inc., for customized LC cooking aids to almost fully replace the texturizing & moisture-retaining effects of sugars and starches;  also (incidentally) excellent soluble fiber sources; natural ingredients, multi-useful products.

marvelous usage tips and recipes, product and nutrient information, very useful FAQs on fiber & nutritional information labelling.

DaVinci Gourmet, the first Splenda (sucralose) sweetened zerp-carb syrup line available, NO glycerine, sugar alcohols or aspartame used.

recipe database, ever-expanding sugarfree product lines and flavors, nutrient information.

LaTortilla Factory, the original low-carb, high-protein and (incidentally) low-fat tortilla; natural ingredients, very tasty.

recipes, product nutrient information.

NOTE: For any products we don't as YET carry that you haven't been able to find anywhere else, or for any American readers who have found their way here, I recommend the US-based LowCarber-started and -managed online store  CarbSmart minibanner l1[click here] for their excellent prices and a growing selection of quality Low Carb and Sugar Free products, supplements and books, including Low Carb cookbooks. I also recommend their online CarbSmart magazine, particularly the Carbsmart Kitchen! with all its amazing recipes and tips. Of course, please contact me (see the email link below) if you are interested in the current state of low carb food product development in Canada.

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  CarbSmart Online

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