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Planet texture maps and Cinema 4D tutorials

This page used to be home to my Cinema 4D tutorials, and was an adjunct to my main website JHT's Planetary Pixel Emporium. Bandwidth issues forced me to move both pages to a new domain at http://planetpixelemporium.com

Links to the Planetary Texture Maps

I have a collection of texture maps for rendering the planets. Most of them are free. The larger ones are available for a modest fee which controls the amount of bandwidth used and covers the cost of running the site.

sun | mercury | venus | earth | mars | jupiter | saturn | uranus | neptune | pluto

New links to the original tutorial pages that used to be located here.

Modelling a Light Bulb in 22 easy steps

Reproducing Real World Light
- how is a tungsten light colored relative to an overcast sky? Find out.

Cinema 4D and Normal Maps For Games
- how to use Cinema 4D to prepare video game textures and normal maps.

Photorealistic Glass texture setup in Cinema 4D
- how to create photo realistic glass in Cinema 4D.

Better Bevels in Cinema 4D
- in 22 easy steps

Global Illumination in Cinema 4D
- secrets revealed

Alternative to Global Illumination
- LUMEN plugin tutorial

Links to my gallery pages

Drawing Gallery - life studies, portraits, and some video game work

Rendering Gallery
- my exploration of 3D rendering through the years.

Should you need to contact me for any reason, follow the links to the new site, and you'll find the contact link there.