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De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee Volume I
Prism of Cosmic Time
Law and Subject

De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee Volume II
The Gegenstand
Dis-stasis/ Synthesis
Intuition and Time
Conceptual Limits
Horizon and Levels
God, Self and Cosmos

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Above Absolutize Absolutization Abstraction Acosmism Act Act-Structure Advaita Aestheticism Aevum Afterlife Aham Anamnesis Analogy Analysis Analytical Anastasis Anatman Androgynous Angel Animals Anomie Anticipate Anticipation Antinomy Antithesis Apokatastasis Apophaticism Apostasis Appearance Apriori Approximate Arché Archimedean Point Articulated Ascend Asceticism Aspect Atman Aufgehoben Autonomous Autonomy

Basis, Beatific vision, Beliefs Being Biblicism Biotic Body, Bottom layer, Boundary

Calvinistic Central Center Centrifugal Centripetal Choice Christ Circularity Closed Cogito Coherence Coincidence, Common grace, Completion, Concentration point, Concept Confession Congruence Connectedness Consciousness Contradiction Copy theory, Continuity Constructivism Cosmic consciousness; Cosmic time, Cosmological consciousness, Cosmonomic, Cosmos, Creation Fall and Redemption, Creaturely being, Cross

Death Descend Deepen Denaturalization, Depth psychology, Determined Dialectical Dichotomy Differentiation Dimension, Ding-an-sich, Direction Disclosed Disintegration Dis-stasis Distinction Divinization Dogma Duality Dualism Duration Dynamic

Earthly Ecstasy Ego Ek-sistere Ek-stasis Eleatic Elevate Embodiment Enclosed Enfolded Enkapsis Enstasis Enstasy Entelechy, Eternal moment, Eternity Epektasis Epoché Erlebnis Eschatological Ethics Evolution Existence Existenz Experience Express Expression Extravertive

Faith Fall, Fatherhood of God, Fear Feeling Figure Fitted Function Form/Matter Forming Foundation Foundational, Founding function, Fulfillment Fullness Future

Genetic Gegenstand Gegenstand-Relation, Give an account, Given Gnosis Ground Grounding Ground-Motive

Head Heart Heart-sucker Heavenly Hineinleben Historical Historicism Holon Horizon Hypostasis Hypostatize Hypothesis

I-am I-Thou I-We Idea Identity Idol Illabile Image of God, Imagination Immanent Immanence Standpoint, Immediate Experience, Implicate Impairment Incarnation Individual, Individuality Structure, Individuation, Indra’s Net, I-ness, Inner Innerness Inorganic, In principio, Instrument Integration Intentional, Intentional inexistence, Intentionality Inter-Connectedness, Inter-modal coherence, Inter-Relatedness Interwoven Introvertive Intuition Intuitive Invention Involution

Jews Juridical

Kenosis Kernel, Key of knowledge, Kingdom of God

Law Law-Idea Law-Side, Leading-function, Levels of Meaning, Lie Life Light Limb, Limited, Limiting Concept, Logic Logical Logicism, Loss of Self, Love

Mantle Maya Meaning Meaning-side Meaning-mode Meaningless Meaning-totality Mediated Meditation Metaphor Metaphysical Metastasis Micro/macrocosm Modality Mode Moment Moral Monism Moralism Movement Multiplicity

Naïve experience, Naïve Thought, Nature Nature/Grace Nature/Freedom Neutral Neutrality New root, Nirvikalpa Nondual Nondualism, Normative Nuclear moment, nucleus

Object Objective Object-side One Ontical Open, Opening Process, Oppose Over-against Organ Organic Organicism Origin Outer Outside, Out through and to, Own, Oxherding pictures

Pantheism Panentheism Part/Whole Participate Participation Particularized Past Penetration Perception Perfection Peripheral Perspective Phenomenon Phenomenology Philosophy Philosophical Pietism Plants Plastic Pole Polar Opposition, Polytheism Positivize Power Powers Prayer Present Presupposition, Pre-theoretical experience, Pre-trans, Principle Prism Product, Psychical

Quadrat Quaternity Quietness

Radical Rationality Rationalism Rays Realism Realm Redemption Reductionism Refer Referring Region Relative Reflection Religion Religious root, Remember Representation Resistance Reintegration Rest Restless Restraint Retrocipation Revelation Rigid Romanticism Root

Saccidananda Sacrifice Sahaja Salvation Samadhi Science Scientific Scripture Seed Self Selfhood, Self-consciousness, Self-criticism, Self-knowledge, Self-reflection, Self-sufficient Senses Sensory Side Silberblick Simple, Sin, Son of God, Sonship Soul Sparks Sphere, Sphere sovereignty, Special sciences, Speculation Speculative, Sphere Universality, Spark Spirit Spiritualizing, Split apart, Stand, Standing in the truth, Standpoint Stasis, States of Affairs, Stillness Subject Subjective Subject-Object, Subject-Side Substance Sublated Succession Sujet Supernaturalism Supratemporal Supra-Individual Suspension Symbol Symbolic Synthesis Systasis

Tat tvam asi, Tantalizing striving, Temporal, Temporal succession, Temptation Ternar Theology Theological Theoretical Theory Theosis Thing, Thing in itself, Thinking Thought Time Totality Totalizing Trance Transcendent Transcendental Trinity, True self, True time, Truth

Unconscious Unchanging Unfold, Unfolding process, Uniqueness Unity Unmediated, Unseen Seer

Versetzung Volition Vorhandenes Vorstellung

Within Will Wonder Word Working-out World


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