Many believe that there is a direct connection between colour, health and well-being, and that wearing or the use of specific colours may bring both spiritual and physical contentment.


Red is the colour of physical energy, passion and desire.  It symbolizes strength, confidence and courage.  Red can be a connection to our most basic needs and desires. 


Pink is the colour of universal love, a love of self and others; a colour of friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace and symbolizes gentleness, romance and happiness.


Orange is the colour of joy and creativity and promotes a general sense of wellness.  It supports the emotional energy necessary in order to share compassion, passion and genuine warmth.


Yellow is the colour of wisdom and symbolizes creative and intellectual energy.  It is a colour of happiness, joy cheerfulness and freedom of expression.


Green is the colour of balance, peace and harmony. It is symbolic of nature, healing and growth.  It is also is the colour of money, prosperity and fertility.


Blue is the colour of mystery and spirituality. It is symbolic of truthfulness, sincerity, peace, joy, tranquility, and faith.


Purple is the colour of knowledge, dignity and strength. It is symbolic, spirituality and the desire to connect to both a higher self and the universe.


White and/or Clear, are the absence of colour, and are symbolic of purity, peace, faith, humility, sincerity, innocence and truth.


Brown is the colour of earth and symbolizes stability, comfort, home and humility. It is grounding and brings a sense of safety, relaxation and reliability.


Black is a total of all, and is the colour of power and mystery. It is symbolic of confidence, assertiveness and independence.


Silver is often symbolic of healing, protection, love and the moon.


Copper is also symbolic of love, money, healing and strengthens the connection to family.


Gold is said to attract healing, power, wisdom and success. It is also symbolic of beauty, strength and confidence.