Hints, Tips and Explanations.


Example: An entry for John Amy 45 carpenter Y = name, age, occupation, Y (born on the island)

? are used wherever I was unable to decipher the word. In some instances I have given possibilities.

Use the “find” option to locate a surname of interest. “Find” is located on your toolbar, click, EDIT then FIND. In case the name you are searching for was spelt differently try searching for parts of the name ie: Bout will bring up all variations of Le Boutillier.

The census districts are described as written on the census. Some parishes did not list any addresses. The page numbers from the census are included throughout the transcripts.

At the end of each family a / is drawn, at the end of a household a // In some cases the condition of the census made it difficult to distinguish if it was a / or // lines.

The census contains the names of all in the household, no relationships are given. Women sometimes gave their maiden name to the census taker. Those whose name was not known or infants where no Christian name has been given the census taker was instructed to write N.K. = Not known

Supposed to be exact for those under 15, then rounded down to the nearest 5 years for adults.

Acceptable abbreviations for occupations by the census taker included:
M.S. = Male Servant
F. S = Female Servant
Ag Lab = Agricultural Labourer
Ind = Independent means
Ap. = Aprentice
Carp = Carpenter
Army H.P = Army half pay
P = Pensioner
Sh = shopman
Cl = Clerk

Shoe m = Shoe maker

Place of Birth:

2 columns were provided at the end of the line. 1 for those born on the same island and 1 those born in England, Scotland, Ireland or Foreign parts.
Column 1 contained either Y, Yes, N or No
Column 2 abreviations, E for England, I for Ireland, S for Scotland and F for Foreign parts.

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Hints,Tips and Explanations.